Certainty Hinders Growth : Here is why you should keep trying?

8 Reasons why certainty is the enemy of growth 

The world is full of uncertainties. Life can throw any uncertain situation on you at any point of time in your life. Still, a lot of people believe in certainty. They assume results and that’s why they usually don’t try. Well, ‘certainty’ helps us to feel secure, safe and protected, but it definitely hinders the growth process. Nothing is certain until it has already happened, even then, we can hold debates on it. Striving for certainty will only lead to disappointments.
For example:  If your promotion is due and you don’t ask it from your boss assuming that he is not going give it, then only you and you are at fault.
Trying is a process
Here are 8 reasons why you should keep trying? 
1. It’s all about the process. You should hold on to the vision and trust the process even if the results seem to be coming, the way you wanted them to come
2. Trying helps you to explore different aspects. You might not be considering  few other aspects of life, but trying can change your perception
3. ‘Trying helps you to know yourself better. The constant failure motivates you to do better. Similarly, when you try different things you get to know about your strength and weakness
4. It is a constant process and you never what are you going get out of it. Sometimes you will be able to surprise yourself with some wonderful results
5. For example, Death is certain but that doesn’t mean you will go and stand on the railway track. Why do people take medicines because they believe in the process of trying?  Even a cancer patient can back to normal if he or she tries.
6. It will make you happy that at least you tried and there would be no regrets.

7. If you will keep trying success will surely knock your door so you just need to

8. It will groom your skills and will let you believe that rejection is the first process towards selection. And it’s completely okay to fail sometime.
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