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Not Just Diljit, Here are the 5 Celebrities who have come out in support of the Protesting Farmers

A list of Celebrities who have spoken for the farmers protesting against the farm bills

We all know that the farmers all around the country, predominantly from North India have been protesting in the capital of the country, Delhi as their ‘Delhi Chalo’ protest. The protest is against the Farm Bills that got passed in the parliament amid the pandemic. And now, farmers are on the street demanding their rights. Amid this, when Kangana Ranaut has not just made fun of the protesting and criticized the woman in TIME’s and BBC’s Top 100 influential people, Bilkis Bano and Akshay Kumar choosing to stay safe and silent, sitting in Canada, here are the celebrities who have chosen to speak for the farmers –

Diljit Dosanjh

Since Thursday Night, Diljit’s response to Kangana has been trending on Twitter, and there has been an ugly social media fight that is being surfaced on Twitter. To Kangana’s claim on Shaheen Bagh’s dadi, being the same protesting here, at the farmers’ protest, Diljit Shared a picture of Manjit Kaur writing “Do they look like murderers… they are faces of Rabb, didn’t anyone teach you how to speak” (Translated from Punjabi to English). In another tweet, he shared a post asking do they look like terrorists.

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2. Swara Bhasker

Well, it is almost impossible to not have Swaara Bhasker’s tweet when it comes to talking for the people. Swara has been an active part of almost all the pro-people protests, including the Anti-CAA Protests, for protests against Hatras rape case, and now for the farmer’s protest. She tweeted a video where water cannons were being used on farmers.

3. Wrestler Khali


The wrestler, Khali joined the farmer’s protest and his video speaking to the quint is almost everywhere. He chanted slogans with the farmers, spoke to media in their favor, and contributed his part to social media activism.


4. Kapil Sharma

In a tweet, Kapil Sharma suggested that the government should try to resolve the issue with the farmers by talking to them instead of giving a political color. He said there is no issue that can’t be resolved by communicating with each other.

5. Navjot Singh Sidhu

Sidhu Pajji can’t really afford to not talk about the protest when it is precisely his opposition against which farmers are protesting besides the majority of farmers protesting are of his own community. Sidhu Shared a Lallantop’s video saying, “Triumph of the Punjabi Spirit…
Kisan Morcha is Democratic, Pristine, and Non-violent… Any Attempts by agencies to foil it – Will fail… Punjabiyat is our shield, Universal Brotherhood our philosophy and driving force!”

Well, these are some instances, people on social media did speak about the silence of Akshay Kumar even when he was questioned about his take on the protest. Kumar has done quite a few films in Punjab and his not making any statement on the same is making the social media disappointed.

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