Celebrating the Spirit of Cinema


Indian Cinema, the most popular form of entertainment is scoring a century in 2013 and I feel humbled to be a part of the fascinating journey of this powerful medium of art which has the ability to move some and inspire few to a higher nature along with entertaining millions.


In our country, the pull of this medium of entertainment has non-arguably influenced most of us. In the theory of fine arts, in the oldest civilization in the world, our subcontinent, classical music is considered supreme followed by classical dance, drama, paintings sculpture, etc. Ram Lila, the perfect script of God is performed since ages to enthusiastic audiences all over the country. With good cinema whether purely art or commercial art, our horizons have broadened magically and one has been lucky enough to enter a cinema hall and get transported elsewhere for a few hours.


This power comes with a lot of responsibility and like many others; I too romanced the silver screen like it romanced me since I was a child. I had no ambition or interest to follow this line as risk taking is not a part of my nature. If I could leave my first love (the sheer joy of classical vocal) for a safe predictable career I had no intention of displeasing elders as both these careers were frowned upon owing to their lack of certainty, I had no idea when passion and destiny took me towards my professional calling and thus began a journey which was so rich in experience (some sweet and sour) and I yearn to contribute a little where the greats before me have pioneered my peers who are contributing and new talent is expressing itself in this marvelous art form.

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