Celebrate World Heart Day


Celebrate World Heart Day

World Heart Day – 26 September 2016

Celebrate World Heart Day:- This year the theme is centric to follow a healthy lifestyle and working out. Every year ‘World Heart Day’ is celebrated with the aim of showing concern towards our heart health. Every year 17.3 million lives are lost due to heart strokes and cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, the heart health has become a major concern. The occasion comes with the promise of spreading awareness about heart ailments. It is a global event.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in our state which is highly discouraging because it can be preventable if identified early and treated accordingly, says Nurse Debra Griffin from Alabama Department of Public Health cardiovascular and diabetes.

World Heart Day 2016
World Heart Day 2016

Fountainhead of World Heart Day

The inception of ‘World Heart Day’ is September 2000, the World Heart Federation has come up to inform and aware the 80percent of premature deaths that are caused by CVD. This could be prevented by four main risks triggering factors that includes tobacco consumption, binge drinking, unhealthy diet, and physical inactivity.

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How to keep heart ailments absent

Indulge yourself in a healthy diet that contains all nutrients, antioxidants, good cholesterol, and balanced diet. In addition, do not forget to work out to keep your body and heart healthy, fit and in proper functioning. Visiting doctors at small intervals for a regular check-up leads to early precaution.

Care for your loved-ones
Care for your loved-ones

Contributing to World Heart Day #worldhealthday

Tighten your shoelaces and get ready to engage in activities like running, skipping, exercises etc. You can also stand-up for public talks in your locality. Yoga and meditation can also be followed for a healthy heart.

The ‘World Heart Federation’ (WHF) has brought up social media space for everyone to participate. All you need to do is, click a ‘Healthy Heart Selfie’ and tweet it using the hashtag #worldhealthday

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