CBSE Board Exam 2020: How to score well in the History exam?

cbse board exam 2020

Fasten your seat belts, and get ready to ace History CBSE Board Exam 2020

CBSE board exam 2020 is around the corner. It’s certainly a hard time for all the school students who are about to appear in the life-changing Board examinations. The constant pressure to score good marks, caution by family and relatives just add on to the pressure of boards.

Since the pressure is set so high, just by following these simple tricks you can easily ace CBSE history exam 2020. History board exam is on 3rd of March this year. Here are some tips and tricks to help you score 100/100 in your history exam.

1. Develop interest

History no doubt is a hard nut to crack. You need to develop an interest in the subject to score well. Just mugging up the content and burning the midnight oil will not help you to achieve the desired result.

2. Focus on presentation

Presentation plays a very important role to gain marks. A neat and well-presented answer sheet will certainly fetch you more marks. Do use diagrams and flow charts to present your answer’s wherever possible. And do not forget to underline the important keywords you are mentioning in your answer’s. Doing this captivates the examiner and help you to secure more marks.

3. Practice makes a man perfect

Solve as many papers as you can it is one of the key steps to gain marks. Solving sample papers teaches time management it also throws light on the varieties of question that can be asked and on the top of it, it is the best way to assess your own self.

4. Stick to the dates

We all know history is all about dates. If you are learning a set of historical dates, make a timeline as you memorize them; also try to put the dates in some kind of relation to each other. The more you are able to contextualize the dates, the more it will help you to remember them.

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5. Organize your readings

History is a very vast subject and requires great retaining power. This subject is not a one day game and takes time to memorize. Don’t just try to mug up everything at once. There are three books of history in CBSE class 12th i.e ancient, medieval and modern. Start preparing in chronological order so that it will be easier for you to comprehend because you will be aware of the timeline.

6. Memorize maps by heart

Most of the student have a hard time learning maps. But the map part is one of the most scoring section in the paper. Learn it by heart and don’t give the examiner a chance to deduct your marks.

7. Take it easy

Students are often stuck between the exam stress and staying calm. The waves of worries keep on increasing as the day of examination comes nearer. Worrying has not solved any problem in this world. So take a chill pill and do not stress. Do not just stick to chairs. Take a break and do whatever refreshes your soul.

Above all the points mentioned over here, do remember to stay positive and remove all the negativity within you. Don’t get distracted because this is the crucial time and this chance won’t return. Also, keep chanting, “I CAN DO IT” mantra every time and trust us you will come out with flying and vibrant colours.

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