Cauvery Water Crisis continues, All-Party Meet Today

Cauvery Water Crisis continues, All-Party Meet Today

Cauvery Water Crisis continues, All-Party Meet Today:- Supreme Court today said that Karnataka should immediately release more water to the neighbouring Tamil Nadu from the Cauvery River. Notably, Karnataka had yesterday said that it would not be able to share more water with Tamil as it is facing the shortage of drinking water, and would only be able to release water after December.

Due to Cauvery Crisis Bengaluru had witnessed a lot of violence in the city, which had disrupted the normal life of the people in the city.

Actions taken by the government

Supreme Court has ordered Karnataka to release up 6000 unit of water to TN. On the other hand, Karnataka government has called all party meeting to decide whether to release water or not?

Cauvery Water Crisis continues, All-Party Meet Today
Crisis of cauvery water

Notably, Karnataka has been ignoring the laws since so long that this issue has turned out into protest which had even killed some people. This condition is getting worst day –by- day so the government has enforced its authority as the final arbiter of inter -state river water disputes.

“We are sure that the state of Karnataka shall obey the order without any kind of impediment, obstruction or any other attitude till we take up the matter on September 30, 2016,” The bench of justices Dipak Misra and U.U Lalit said.

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Current Happening

Karnataka’s politician had a meeting this morning with Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah of the Congress for the discussion to handle the supreme court new order which called up neighboring places to release water for TN by hook or by crook.

Cauvery Water Crisis continues, All-Party Meet Today
Hope this crisis could recover soon and they could start their lives as before.

Important facts

1] Uma Bharti water resource minister has called up the meeting with Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu J. Jayalalithaa, who is in hospital.

2] Karnatakan’s are getting hurt and has threaten the economy of Karnataka and there IT sector too.

3] Supreme Court has given series of verdicts that Tamil Nadu needs more and more water.

4] The bench said that it is not possible to say that they will not follow the rules of Supreme Court.

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