What are the causes and treatment of food addiction?

What is food addiction? Know about its symptoms, signs and treatment.

Food addiction includes binge eating, cravings, and lack of control towards any type of food. Occasional overeating may not be a part of food addiction, but binge eating is a proper disorder with many associated symptoms. Generally, people do not know about the symptoms associated with food addiction early and by the time people are aware of it, it is too late. So know about the 5 signs of food addiction:

1. When you have had a full meal and soon after you start having cravings, especially junk foods, then understand that you are becoming a victim of food addiction. Most of the cravings are from such foods which are not nutrition providers of any kind and are only increasing your fat level. It is normal to have occasional cravings but if you are falling prey to it again and again and it is becoming difficult to satisfy then it is a warning bell.

2. Sometimes it may happen that you eat some of your very favorite food out of necessity. But if you are doing this continuously then it means that you are getting food addiction. To improve such addiction, it is very important that you eat as much as you need, otherwise you will not even know when your weight has increased.

3. If you feel guilty after consuming unhealthy foods but then consume them again the next time, you are a proper food addict. Keep in mind that it is very common to feel guilty during binge eating. So to get yourself out of this addiction, take the help of experts.

4. If you make some rules to avoid any addiction, but still you consume it on the pretext of some excuse, then it is a symptom of food addiction. This situation is very dangerous because you know that you are a food addict but you are not able to control it. So, avoid exacerbations that push you towards food addiction.

5. People who have a history of not following the rule even after setting it, they often start consuming junk food by hiding it from other people, maybe such people do so when there is no one in the house, or else consume junk food hiding in the car or late at night. If you also do something like this then be careful or else you may have to bear a lot of damage for it.

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Reason for food addiction

The reason behind having food addiction in a person is due to hormonal changes in the brain, addiction to anything is due to the hormone called dopamine found in our brain. This hormone links a person’s food to his feelings, which increases his attachment to food. When there is a food addiction, a person likes to eat food containing more fat, more sugar.

Mental disorders like food addiction can be treated. For this these remedies are used:

1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: In this type of therapy, the sufferer is told about the dangers of eating. Along with this, changes in the day-to-day behavior of this type of therapy are seen, along with the negative thoughts running in the mind are removed.

2. Nutritional therapy: In many cases, nutritional therapy is used to overcome food addiction, thereby reducing chemical imbalances in the brain.

3. Complications due to food addiction: This type of mental disorder affects the patient the most. Due to which other fatal problems start occurring in his body. Due to overeating, there is a risk of getting fatal diseases like heart diseases, type 2 diabetes. Along with this, the amount of fat in the body starts increasing. Which gives rise to other diseases associated with obesity.

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