gorilla selfie

Gorillas Pose for Selfie and we are like Kya?- The Best thing on the...

Even Gorillas are down with Selfie Fever but we loved the image Recently, a picture was going viral in which Gorillas are seen posing for...
Funny-Sheep-Facts one world news

French School has given admission to Sheep, Know details here

Sheep enrolled in a French school to keep the classes open Have you ever thought that your classmate could be a sheep? Recently, a French school...

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citizenship amendment act

What does a common citizen of India think of CAA? An honest take

As a secular, non - Political citizen following things come to my mind- What do you think? I regard myself as a secular, non-political citizen...
deepak chaurasia

An Honest Take on Sudhir Chaudhary and Deepak Chaurasia’s stint at Shaheen Bagh Protest

Are the people at Shaheen Bagh protest really fierce and dangerous? Know the reality Two famous Hindi Television news anchors Sudhir Chaudhary from Zee News...
Types of Earrings

8 Types of Earrings that every woman should own!

Types of Earrings: Earrings every woman must have in her collection Contrary to popular belief, earrings are not just an accessory. They are more like...