Career Blogs Every Freelancer Should be Following to crack the best offers

Here is a curated list of career blogs that every freelancer should be following

Choosing the right career can be a difficult choice to make. And if you have chosen to freelance in your field, then definitely, the road can be tough if you are not taking the necessary steps to be acing in your freelancing career. Well, freelancing can be a tough job to do, as it is highly dependent on the client and the market. Where freelancing definitely helps you to have your say in the job you are doing, if you don’t have any clients, it can become really tough for you to make it through yours. Knowing how to generate clients, how to deal with them, and what all should be done to win your client is really important. And if you are wondering who all can help you with that, then you are definitely reading the right blog.


Here is our curated list of career blogs every freelancer should be following –



UpWork is the best guide when it comes to searching for resourceful knowledge about freelance work. For anyone operating their own company, they have the most important freelance news, blogs, support, and endless actionable tips. UpWork blogs are insightful and quick to read at the same time, making you want to come back any time you want to. They also have a group of freelancers who are meeting, sharing, and strategizing things for freelancers. Hence, if you are looking for a one-stop solution for your freelancing career, UpWork is a blog you must not miss on following.


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Millo should be the favourite option for you if you are searching for strategies to help you to improve in your freelance practice. They have a dedicated team of entrepreneurs and freelancers who, curate content and guides, show their knowledge and experience, which turns out to be an outstanding opportunity for freelance newcomers to learn the tips and tricks for freelancing. If you are searching for potential buyers, diving through details about freelancing, or looking for other ways to manage your finances, Millo is the blog you should be referring to.


Freelancers Union

The purpose behind the development of the Freelancers Union was to dialogue with experts and let the work experienced co-exist harmoniously with freelancers and creative writers. The website is useful in the sense that it features top blogs with freelance writing advice, work-life balance tips, along with what should be the dos and don’ts for the freelancers. Basically, it is a complete guide for freelancers.



Well, 99U is literally a one-stop solution for your freelancing career. At this chaotic time, access to the right resources would be the only refuge. 99U features influential blogs worthy of reading by proven freelancers and solopreneurs from around the globe. Founded as an Abode media business, 99U has encouraging content and interactive conversations with creative people that are targeted for creative people.



Fiverr is one blog that won’t ever let your dream to have a good freelancing career die as it only helps you live and grow in that dream.  The website features extensively documented articles on website development, digital marketing, brand advertising, comprehensive content creation, relationship management, innovative marketing campaign execution, and much more. What makes Fiverr special is that blogs from successful freelancers and entrepreneurs are included.


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