Candice Swanepole – The Golden Girl

Grounded, attractive, confident and polite best describe this super model of the world who is worth $ 16 Million. New York based 27 year old model has started modeling at the age of 15. Candice Swanepoel originally from South Africa was spotted by model Scout Kevin Ellise at a flea market in Durban. “Modeling happened just by chance,” said Swanepoel during an interview. Her first was a shoot for Italia Vogue and it clicked. There was no looking back for her. Then came ramp shows for leading fashion designers like Valentino, Gucci etc. And was on cover of international edition of Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Vogue etc.

Candice Swanepole – The Golden Girl

In the meantime, Swanepoel shifted to New York with her longtime boyfriend. “Though I was getting good work lot of comments came that I was so thin from various quarters. That comment disturbed me and once I thought to quit modeling and return to my home town.” She said. But luck was with her. Through her friend got a call from famous lingerie brand Victoria Secret. “I told him, if I get an offer from Victoria Secret, I will remain in New York and continue pursuing modeling seriously.” Her first show was Victoria Secret in 2007 and soon she became the “Angel” of the brand. In 2013 she was chosen to wear the 10 million dollar “Fantasy Bra”. A rarity for any Victoria Secret model.

Candice Swanepole – The Golden Girl

Victoria Secret

Candice is also into charity and for this purpose she specially developed capsule range of Mother Denim. “I contribute whatever money I get from this specially designed denim to eradicate AIDS in my country,” She has correctly named the charity “Mother2Mothers”to eradicate mother to child transmission of AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. All modeled by Candice, the capsule has 7 styles and available USA.

Candice is a fitness freak. Whenever she gets time she visits her personal trainer Justin Gelband and spent half a day in the gym doing all kind of activities including Yoga. “I like Yoga, because it helps me to stay flexible and keep cool, “said Candice. Her personal preference includes kickboxing, jumping ropes and building muscles.

Like her model friends she too likes to healthy food. For her breakfast is important as advised her dietician friend. “I love vegetables, besides croissants, pizza, pasta, egg etc.” super model said.

Candice Swanepole – The Golden Girl

Trying yoga (coutsey VS)

Jet setting and working almost 12 hours a day Candice Swanapoel believes she has a long way to go. “My mind says the best is yet to some. So have to wait and wait,”. She feels she had learnt a lot from her association with Victoria Secret. “They have really loved my “versatile” face with blue eyes and used to say it was like a canvas on which it was possible to paint different look,” Candice said.

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