Budget 2019: Women’s Development : Women Let Development

Parul Srivastava

Budget 2019: Women’s Development: Women Let Development 

1.We had promised to work towards the welfare of women in rural areas

2. We started Ujwalla Yojana. Till now we have given 6 crore LPG connections and we will soon attain the number of 8 crores
3. Mudra Yojana has also benefitted women, and maternity leaves have also been increased. Mudra Yojana has been given 15 crores

4. Employment has been increased in India. Under Mudra Yojana, Startup and Stand up. Job seekers have now become a job creator. India has become the second largest hub in terms of startups

5. India has become a hub for Artificial Intelligence

6. One Rank One Pension becomes effective

7. Our Government Proposes to launch a mega Pension Yojna

8. We have made government’s transaction more transparent via their scheme of E Gem

9. Our government will also set up a welfare development Board to help implement development program for nomads

10. Our Defence is very important. The budget allocated is more than 3 Lakh  crore for Defence

11. The number of Airports has increased. India has also become the largest highway developer.

12. We are working towards making ports in the country. We are trying to improve navigation facilities

13. Talking about Railways, there is no unmanned Railway Crossings

14. Semi High-Speed Vande Mantram will soon become operational. This will also create jobs

15. Solar Energy has increased in India. This sector is creating lakhs of jobs.

16. Digital Marketing has massively increased in India. Calls are cheapest in India and people are becoming digital. Jan Dhan, Aaadhar became a game changer in India

17. Digitalization is also creating a lot of jobs

18. Entertainment is also creating a lot of jobs. So Single Window will come in effect.

19. Tax returns limit increased to 6.85

20The direct tax would be simplified so that taxpayers don’t face any problem.

21. We have increased Startup limit from 1 crore to 2 crores.

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