Bring the flavour of street food to your kitchen

Street foods are a delicacy that can be enjoyed anywhere 

Street food is one of the most diverse and common sight that can be seen in almost every corner of the world. Bustling streets with a small shop serving the famous delicacy of that place is not uncommon.

There is something about street food that makes your mouth water and your hearts melt. The smell of food reaching your nostrils and playfully tingling your senses and attracting you is something we all have experienced. The culture of street food becomes even more important in the Indian context because the diversity that you can experience from one state to another is unimaginable. The plethora of food that we are offered is not just tempting, but also worthy of appreciation.

Street food acts as a great unifier 

The most beautiful thing about street food is the blurring of boundaries. Eating at a roadside dhaba or a small stall is not limited to a particular section of the society. Take the highway dhabas for example, not only do they serve the daily commuters, truck drivers, but people from all walks of life.

The charisma lies in the process 

The entire act of seeing the food being prepared in front of you and being assured that it is fresh is what adds to the experience of eating and enjoying street food.

Even though the feels cannot be created, we have some recipes here for you that will for sure give you the taste of street food.

1. Jhaal Muri

If you have ever visited Kolkata, you know that you cannot go without trying this iconic street food. The tangy, spicy snack uses raw ingredients such as mustard oil, tomato, onion, green chillies and many more to give you the ultimate snack.

2. Pakodas, Telebhaja or Bhajias

Winter or rainy days are incomplete without piping hot pakodas dipped in green chutney. Also known as bhajias or telebhaja (in Kolkata) , these can be made using anything as the filling- potato, onion, paneer, brinjal (baingan)….literally anything. They are great to have with some tea as an evening snack.

3. Noodles

This comes as no surprise as noodles is one of the most common street foods. We must have often seen small thelas with huge pots, tossing noodles and serving their eager customers. Egg noodles, chicken noodles, vegetarian noodles, can all be made by the following the recipe given below and just omitting and adding the wanted ingredient.

4. Soya chaap

If you are from Delhi, you know how common soya chap is. It is found in every corner and is an absolute favourite of everyone. The recipe for the same is given.

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