Bride Slaps Relative: Is this feminism?

Bride Slaps Relative and the video is going viral!

Well, we all know that Indian weddings are the best always because of its enriched rituals and cultures. But what if these rituals go into the wrong way. Desi weddings are famous for the bloopers that give a reason for some of our best laughs and shocking moments. The most interesting aspect in an Indian wedding is hands down the rituals of exchanging the garlands, also called the ‘Varmala ceremony’.

(Is this feminism?)




It is the most interesting part of an Indian wedding. The ritual comes with a competition where the groom competes with the bride of who will put the varmala first’? One video of such Varmala ceremony has not only left the viewers in shock, but also the groom and the other people present at the wedding. This happy moment has gone very ugly.

What is the video all about?

The video that has gone viral shows an Indian bride and groom preparing for the Varmala ceremony. While the groom gets picked up by one of the relatives to put the garland in the bride’s neck, the bride seems to be in a grumpy mood also gets picked up to do the same. Once the bride and groom were done by putting the garlands in each others’ neck, the bride shockingly turns around and gives a tight slap to the relative who picked her up. When asked by the embarrassed relative about why he got a slap, the bride alleges him of touching her inappropriately. We cannot make any statements here but the video does not show any kind of inappropriate behavior from the relative’s side.


The scene turned uglier when the relative slapped a woman standing beside him and the bride. While the woman stands by in utter shock, the relative left the stage.

Video has become the new internet session and a lot of people have already watched it.

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