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The UK leaves the European Union: Important changes after Brexit

Changes after Exit: The burgundy design of British passport will return to blue passport

Britain officially left the European Union group at 11 pm on Friday after 47 years of membership. The journey of Brexit that began in January 2013 with the announcement of a referendum in which the British citizens were asked to vote if the country should exit the EU or not. The people of Britain voted in the favour of Brexit, and now the formal exit has come after a gap of almost 7 years.

Flags lined up the Parliament Square and the Mall, and government buildings were decorated with red, white and blue lights of the Union Jack. A countdown clock was projected onto the front of Prime Minister’s official residence.

With the formal exit, the 11-month transition period is kicked in, which will end on the last day of the year 2020. Let’s look at what changes during the transition period, and what remains the same.

United Kingdom is now out of EU politics

The United Kingdom on Thursday left all the European Union’s political institution. The UK had 73 members in the European Parliament and now they have lost all of them. British ministers now won’t be attending the regular EU meetings, and the Prime Minister will no longer be an automatic attendee at council summits of European Union. However, the PM of the UK can join them if he/she is invited.

The United Kingdom made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will continue to obey EU rules and make payments to the EU. If there is any legal dispute between the UK and any European country, the European Court of Justice will continue to have the final say.

New Trade Equations

Britain will now have to establish their new trade relationships with countries outside the Union. When in the EU, Britain was not allowed to hold formal trade negotiations with countries such as the United States and Australia. Brexit supporters are happy that Britain will set its own trade policy.

Britain will want to lose the lowest of privileges it enjoyed as an EU member. It will want to continue without trade barriers after the transition ends saving the extra charges on goods.

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Other changes after Brexit

Currently, the British passport has a burgundy design but now Britain will switch to blue passports. About three million commemorative Brexit coins, of denomination of 50 pence will enter into the circulation now. The Brexit department set by then PM Theresa May in 2016 will no longer exist now.

What does not change?

Flights, trains and boats will continue to operate as they did while Britain was in the EU. Driving licenses of the people will continue to be accepted, as per their validity.

The European Health Insurance Card will remain valid in Britain and in the EU countries, during the transition. Freedom of movement stays as UK people who want to live and work in the European Union will continue to do so. Also, EU people who want to live and work in the UK will remain to do so.

The United Kingdom will keep contributing to the EU budget. Existing schemes that are funded by EU grants will continue too.

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