#Breast care: Why it hurts?

     Here are few points you should know about Breast Care

Here are some essential points you should know about breast care.
Never feel shy or embarrass about discussing your private parts. They too are parts of the body and it’s important to look after them as well. Pain in breasts is a common girly problem and it is nothing to do with cancer. Here, are some points why it can be hurtful:-


Breast Care

1. You are PM Sing:
The most common cause of breast pain is hormonal changes during PMS, which is an indication that Aunt Flo is coming to visit. Your monthly cycle is going to come. If it is too painful, opt for some medicine.You also need to watch out for other symptoms like swelling and tenderness. Pain ends with the end of menstruation.

2. You need a new bra
Yes, old bras can be a cause of pain for you. If your bra is too tight or too loose, or if the cups are too small, the underwire may bite into your body leading to breast tenderness and pain. Choose well fitted bra.

3. You have increased the intensity of your workout
Workout is good for body but over workout can be hazardous at the same time.An intensive workout of push-ups or weight lifting can have serious effects on your pectoral muscles, which are located right under your breasts. This can cause breast pain.


4. You pulled a muscle
If you have been lifting heavy bags or moving furniture, chances are you have strained your pectoral muscles. Try a hot pad on it for immediate results.

5. You are not wearing the right bra while exercising
Always wear sports bra while exercising it will give you perfect support. Avoid wearing tight fitted bras.

6. Lumpy breasts
Some women report lumpy breast tissue, which is also known as fibrocystic breast tissue, which causes further breast tenderness. It can be cause of cancer so take doctor’s help.

7. You are pregnant
The hormone progesterone doubles up production during early pregnancy, which causes breast soreness. So, when good news is round the corner it can be painful.

8. Let them breath
Sleep without bra and let your breasts breath. Sleeping bra less is helpful in avoiding any kind of irritation.

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