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Break The Chain Of Fake News With These Fact-checks!

Here is the fake news of the week

Fake news is misleading or false information presented as news. It often aims at damaging the reputation of an entity, person, or making money through advertising revenue. This week we found news of similar nature. Have a look.

Here is the fake news of the week.

Nita Ambani Drinks Luxury water!

Fake news: A photo of Nita Ambani, Chairperson of the Reliance Foundation was widely shared on social media. The picture shows her drinking water and it was claimed that she drinks the most expensive bottled water in the world. This water is identified as Acqua Di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani.

Fact: Here is a fact-checked. That was a morphed image and the original one was taken in 2015. That image showed Nita Ambani drinking water from a regular disposable plastic bottle. 

UAE manufacturing Aravana Prasadam for Sabarimala temple!

Fake news: A photo of Aravana Prasadam that is offered at Kerala’s Sabarimala temple, is rebranded. This was claimed by various social media users and the new packaging shows Al Zahaa sweets LLC on it.

Fact: Both Al Zahaa and the Travancore Devaswom Board had clarified that it is a piece of false news. The UAE-based firm had also mentioned that they are selling their product in UAE only.

Vir Das’s original name is Vir Abdullah Das!

Fake news: Actor cum comedian Vir Das recently performed at John F Kennedy Centre in Washington DC and narrated a poem, ‘Two Indias’. This sparked a massive uproar on social media as his narration drew heavy criticism amongst netizens who asserted that Vir Das defamed Indian on an international platform. In the support of this incident, a screenshot was also shared, purportedly of the Wikipedia page of Vir Das went viral with a claim that he is a Muslim and his original name is ‘Vir Abdullah Das’.

Fact: the Wikipedia page of actor-comedian Vir currently, shows only ‘Vir Das’, no middle name ‘Abdullah’ is mentioned on the web page. The page was repeatedly edited on 17 November, but the revisions were removed from the public archives. Although an interview article of Vir Das was published in the Wall Street Journal on 26 February 2019. In the article, he talked about his father. Vir’s father Ranu, worked in a big Indian food-processing company whereas his mother, Madhur, was a teacher in Lagos. It clarifies to some extent that he does not belong to a Muslim family.

Good News for Animal Lovers! South Korea might put a complete ban on Dog Meat

Muslim community released a song!

Fake news: A 29 seconds music video went viral on social media. The lyrics of the songs read, “the Muslim community will capture Uttar Pradesh if the Samajwadi Party government will be formed in the UP after 2022 elections”. While sharing this video, social media users claimed that the Muslim community has released this song.

Fact: The viral claim is false. On the top left corner of the video, it was written ‘Sandeep Acharya Fam’ along with a small picture of a man. In the top right corner, it was written ‘Sandeep Acharya’ and WhatsApp number 8765547747. Taking this as a hint, it was found that the extended version of the viral video on a YouTube channel named Rudra Music dated 30 September 2021. In the video thumbnail, the name of the singer is mentioned as Sandeep Acharya Ayodhyawasi. In the same thumbnail, it is written in Hindi, “बीजेपी के प्रचार गीत बनवाने के लिए संपर्क करें.”

The title of the video reads in Hindi, ” सपा जीत ग‌ई तो राममंदिर का निर्माण रुक जाएगा!! Sandeep has shared this video on his Facebook account as well. While sharing this video, he wrote a caption in Hindi. It reads, “कुछ हिन्दू भाइयों को ये गीत हिन्दू विरोधी लग रहा हैं, जबकि मैने आपको आगाह करने के लिए ये गीत गाया हैं के सपा जीत ग‌ई तो ऐसा होगा, फर्जी किसी के बहकावे में ना आए.” 

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