Brahmaāstra Trailer Buzz : Will it finally give a new direction to Bollywood’s content?

Liked Brahmastra Trailer? Wait, Troll-Brigade is here for Rescue #Opinion  

Nearly after eight years of the inception of the idea, the trailer of Brahmastra was finally released. Ever since it dropped, the much-awaited trailer is breaking the internet.

The trailer has managed to create much-needed hype for the movie. Some cinephiles even said that it is one of the best Bollywood trailers seen in a long time.

The film Brahmastra is blessed with the best cast and backed by some fascinating VFX and graphics. Let us try to decode the roles of the star cast and continue to discuss the impact the film’s trailer manages to deliver.

Unlike what has been reported on social media, this movie is NOT a superhero movie.

Instead, it is a story based on modern times where some ancient forces still exist. These forces are defined as ancient powers of good and evil.

Ranbir Kapoor, aka Shiva, is one of the vessels to control such ancient powers, but he is unaware of them. And definitely, he is on fire.

Amitabh Bachchan, the Guru, is tasked with safeguarding these weapons or powers and passing them on to the next heir. In the trailer, it appears that Shiva is mentored by Bachchan.

Nagarjuna is making his Bollywood appearance after a 20 years break. His presence was last marked in LOC Kargil, released in 2003. In Brahmāstra, he plays the role of Anish, an artist who is also a version of Lord Nandi in the modern world. Therefore, he was meant to be the biggest supporter of Shiva.

Alia Bhatt is Isha, a regular girl and also the love interest of Shiva. However, we can expect some unexpected power secret in her if the film works on the Shiv-Shakti concept. We anticipate this possibility as ISHA means the ruling goddess in Sanskrit.

Mouni Roy, the main villain, looks terrifying, and we expect some good and best of her works.

SRK lovers will be excited to know that Shahrukh Khan also has a cameo appearance in the movie. Unclear what his role is, but either he is the father of Shiva or some sort of scientist.

Story-wise, it is going to be impressive. Ayan Mukherjee has integrated ancient Hindu mythology into the story.

Troll brigade after Mouni Roy


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While one section appreciated the cinematic brilliance of Brahmāstra, the others are busy nit-picking mistakes and how Bollywood is not worth watching. However, this time the major target of trollers remained Mouni Roy.

Here are some trolls that were dedicated to Mouni Roy’s dark avatar in her coming release.

A user commented on facial features of Roy and wrote:

Now, we understand why she did all those facial surgeries

Another had a laugh-out-loud time while commenting, “Sasti Scarlet Witch.”

“She doesn’t need that effect. She is scary anyways.”

#Opinion: It is saddening to see that such a talented actress who made a name for herself in the TV world as well as in Bollywood received hate for her personal choices. Moreover, we believe a talented and ambitious director like Ayan Mukherjee is very particular about casting. If Mouni Roy’s features weren’t convincing enough to play ‘Junoon’ (queen of darkness), her chances of being in the film were equivalent to an atom.

The copy-paste of Hollywood? 

Hollywood had delivered some top-notch superhero movies. However, some Reddit users argue that the Indian masses have become slightly intolerant towards Bollywood. If the same was delivered by South cinema, the film would have been celebrated as a festival.

#Opinion: It is high time to restore our faith in Bollywood. Bollywood had undoubtedly let its fans down with cringe-super hero movies like Flying Jatt and Drona, which failed to impress the Sci-fi lovers.

However, Brahmāstra could bring fresh air to them. And even set a benchmark for those B-town people who are responsible for this dilemma in the hearts of cinephiles.

And remember, this is not a superhero movie nor a mythological drama. It is somewhere between them.

However, it is too soon to judge a big-budget film Brahmāstra or pass judgments on any of its characters. Integrating mythology into the modern world is a tough task for creators, visual artists, and writers. This is a new step Bollywood is taking. Yes, it is highly experimental and even riskier. This could start a new thing or kill it for a few years. Making anything remotely related to religion, culture, or mythology can invite the Boycott army to your doorstep.

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