Brahmastra REVIEW: Damdaar Starcast & Gripping Story will make you crave for more!

Brahmastra REVIEW: Alia shines throughout the film, the crackling chemistry remains the highlight!


  • Plot and Characters
  • What do we like and what do we don’t like in the film? 

Brahmastra Review: The most- awaited film of the year is here and it’s going to be a BLOCKBUSTER. How do we know it will have a blockbuster opening? As per reports, Brahmastra has already earned ₹18 crores in advance booking, and numbers are still soaring.

However, we are here to review whether the film of the year is worth watching or not?

Well, it would be a big YES!

Plot and Characters

Ranbir Kapoor-Alia Bhatt starrer, Brahmastra is a mythological-fantasy drama that revolves around protecting the Astaverse. However, the supreme powers lie in Brahmastra, lord of all Astra. Dark Forces, including the Junoon (Mouni Roy) army, want to get Brahmastra at any cost.
The movie’s very first scene begins with a search of Brahmastra, where Shahrukh Khan’s character is introduced. Yes, he is indeed in the film playing a scientist (Mohan Roy) and one of the protectors of Brahmastra.
On the other hand, in Delhi, free-spirited DJ boy Shiva fell in love at first sight with Isha, a London return Bengali girl.
The film’s first half is wholeheartedly dedicated to establishing the love story of the two  leads. And as per the Bollywood logic, the girl has to fall in love with a stranger stalker. So much so that she holds Shiva’s hand and gets along in his journey of protecting Brahmastra and collecting all the pieces of it.
As the story develops, they meet Nagarjuna’s character, Anish Shetty, who gives them (Isha & Shiva) a clue to Guruji (Amitabh Bachchan). After meeting Guruji, it’s apparent that many unanswered questions will be answered. Why is Shiva an Agni Astra? Role of Isha in his life? Why is Junoon behind Brahmastra?

What do we like in the film and what do we don’t?

Ayan has picked the right stars & all of them have delivered their best.
Undoubtedly, all the VFX, graphics, and sound effects enhanced the quality and experience of the film. From Alia to Ranbir to Mouni Roy, every character has played their part with integrity.
Mouni Roy stole the show as Junoon, another antagonist Saurav Gurjar as Zor, came out fierce and powerful. We were absolutely in love with them. Mouni played the part with a lot of conviction & proved her mettle as an actor.

Chemistry- On point, Love story- Naah! It was not so real! 

The offscreen romantic couple, Alia-Ranbir, indeed mesmerises everyone with their chemistry. Brahmastra’s premises was too focused on establishing the power of love and the love story of Isha-Shiva that it became hard to believe- how can two fall in Saccha Pyar in just a few days.

No background story of Isha

Maybe it’s too soon to judge, but in Brahmastra: Shiva part 1, everything is about Shiva. Alia Bhatt remains constant support to Ranbir as Shiv & Shakti, but her side of the story is missing. What does she do in life? Who are her parents? Why did anybody never question or bother her when she went on such an expedition?
All we know, Ameer-privileged ladki- gareeb orphan ladka-Pyaar to Hona hi Hai. Also, how Mouni became Junoon? Why is she so evil?
We don’t have any clue!
(Again, the remaining part might give questions to all our answers. So, this can’t be a base to dislike a film?

Music & Songs 

Songs, background music, and sound effects were actually pleasing to the ears. From Kesariya to Deva Deva, songs were placed right. The signature background music is constant in the film. But when it gets missed with Sanskrit mantra chants, it gives you a chilling effect, and you get totally soaked in the moment.

Graphics & VFX


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VFX is the backbone of the movie. It can be proudly compared to any Hollywood sci-fi movie.
The good part is- that this is not the end. Soon you will meet Dev. Now, who is Dev? You will get to how he is relevant to the story after watching the first part in the theatres.

Music is like a breath of fresh air. 

Brahmastra: Part One Shiva is in the treaters now ( 9 September 2022), and this Ayan Mukherjee directorial is undoubtedly a big thumbs-up. After a long time, Bollywood is coming up with something original. No remix songs, no remake of Hollywood or South movies, and has  definitely not copied the story.
So, our rating of the film will be 4 stars. The love story was not that convincing. But hoping high from the other parts.
This was our Brahmastra review, but we are eagerly waiting for your opinions too.

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