Boycott Gang vs Pathaan: Boycott Bigots Shush after Pathaan’s Record Todd Opening

Boycott Gang vs Pathaan: Memers offered burnol to people boycotting Pathaan. Said, “SRK hi Bollywood hai ”.

Boycott Gang vs Pathaan: Amid controversies, poster burning, boycott trends and anti-Shahrukh slogans, Pathaan shushed all the trolls and haters. SRK’s Pathaan saw a celebration like no other Indian film. It became the 1st Bollywood movie to collect ₹100 crores in a day. A gross global box office collection of over 106 crores was made on the film’s opening day itself. It generated ₹68.5 in gross domestic collections, the biggest for a Bollywood movie and ₹37.5 crores from international markets on January 25, 2023.

Boycott Gang vs Pathaan

Shahrukh Khan’s fans are celebrating the heartbreak of the ‘Boycott Gang’. Fans were seen dancing in the theatres while watching their star on screen.

Many people were even seen bursting crackers to celebrate the release. Memes have flooded social media since the box office numbers came out. Fans were rejoicing after Pathaan’s bumper opening slammed Boycott bigots.

Sadhvi Prachi went to start a campaign against Khan with a hashtag #शाहरुख_खान_गद्दार_है.

Bollywood has been accused of mongering anti-Hindu phobia for a long time now. Based on the scenes in several films, it was alleged that the movie tried to falsify Hindu deities and beliefs.

On the other hand, Christian and Muslim characters are presented as spiritual and good human beings. Even the film’s song Besharam Rang came on the radar of the Boycott gang, as Deepika Padukone wore a saffron-coloured bikini. Some religious groups called this an attack on their religious sentiments.

According to a report, 2022 has remained awful for Bollywood films. That year, 38 big-banner Hindi films suffered vast losses of about Rs 2,000 crores. On the other hand, South cinema gave massive hits one after the other. It even roared at international platforms like the Oscars. South Indian films have earned more than Rs 2,000 crore.

Pathaan is SRK’s first release after a gap of over 4 years.

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