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Boston Wine Festival


Boston Wine Festival is celebrated during the month of January as an annual event in United States. The day was founded by famous Chef Daniel Bruce in 1989.


This fest is the longest running wine-festival and lasts for around three and a half month.


The Boston Wine Festival observed its twentieth anniversary in Jan 2009 and the amazing part is that around ‘75,000 wine bottles have been opened and the great Chef Bruce has never ever repeated a menu totaling 3,000 different dishes at 750 dinners served’.


Boston Wine Festival


Chef Bruce invites world renowned, famous and expert wine makers with their exclusive wines and he himself prepares a ‘unique multi-course meal designed to complement the wines being served’.


Since 1989 Chef Bruce has worked as executive chef at the Boston Harbor Hotel.


So all the wine lovers this news is quite exciting. Isn’t it? Oneworldnews would like to hear your views of the event. Share with OWN.



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