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Boss’s Day 2022: 5 heartwarming stories that will restore your faith in ‘Good Bosses’

Boss’s Day 2022: Just a gentle reminder, not every Boss is Bad!

There are a plethora of stories and experiences that make us believe that bosses are bad. Get any group of workers and you definitely hear some horror stories. From cancelling leaves to taking away all the credit, bosses are often perceived as demons.

Well, October 16 marks Boss’s Day and some people shared kind stories on the internet that stored faith in good bosses.  There are plenty of good bosses as well and it’s time that they should be brought into the spotlight.

Here are 5 Kind and Inspiring stories of Good Bosses that will make your day! Let us take a look:


My Boss taught me Fair Decision Making

My boss taught me that it is very important to make fair decisions.  When you are in a senior position, it is not possible to keep everyone happy. There are times in any organization, no matter what you decide, some people will not be happy.  My current boss is an inspiration. No matter how hard the situation is, she always comes out with a balanced decision. She takes inputs from everyone and pens down pros and cons. Apart from it, she is always open to feedback.

She never minds revisiting her decisions and never takes things personally or tries to prove her authority. This has created a safe environment and people like me who are working as interns are free to give out their opinions without any fear, says a 21-year -woman working in a Media House.

An apology is a great remedy

I used to work for a man who was quite aggressive and mean. He was pro when it came to blowing up someone. I remember once he brought me to tears on a random mistake that I made. But still, he was the best boss ever because he taught me the power of apology. Once he made a mistake and our organization suffered a huge loss. Without any second thought or blaming the team, he took the responsibility for his actions and apologized to the senior management.

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People loved  her even after leaving the organization

How often have we heard that an employee remains in touch with her or his boss after leaving the organization? Not much, right?  When I joined my current organization, there were 2 people who decided to quit. They had a heated argument with our boss.  During the process, I was introduced to them. They told me that they admire our boss a lot and respected the decision made by her. The person said that he was given extra training and mentoring to do the job and he agreed that he wasn’t able to perform the job. I mean who would say that after leaving an organization?


He made me realise – His employees are his family

I never had a very healthy relationship with my boss. It was a love and hate relationship but one incident changed my perspective.  Recently, my father suffered a massive heart attack and I had an important presentation the next morning, we could have sealed a big deal. I called my boss to inform and what he said won my heart – “We all earn for our family, what will you do with the money if you don’t have a family?”  Don’t stress, take it easy, he said. He further added, “I will take care of the presentation and if anything is required I am just a call away.”

She pushed my Limits

My first boss was very tough to work with.  Back then, I thought she was a very negative person and nothing could make her happy. But she knew my capabilities. She could see qualities that I couldn’t. Be it working till late to working on weekends and working on every small detail, she brought the best out of me.  My success credit goes to her. If she would have not pushed me, I would have never understood my abilities.

This Boss’s Day, make your boss feel special! If you admire them, tell them. We might share a love and hate relationship with them but we know life would be incomplete without them!

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