Bosses should keep their employees’ anger in check

Bosses should keep a check on anger of their employees

A recent study has suggested that employers should always think about their employee’s emotions. If not, it could lead to great loss for their company and themselves.

Apparently, if the employees are going through any sort of emotional turmoil, their employers should be concerned.

Especially, if the emotion the employee is facing is anger. An angry person does not think twice before getting involved in activities which could prove to be disastrous in future.

It does not matter that the anger is related to work or not. If an employee is angry, it could affect his/her work badly. He could get involved in unethical behavior at work. He could show laziness or could even steal from the company.

Daphna Motro, the lead study author and a doctoral student in management and organizations from the UA’s Eller College of Management said, “At every level of an organization, every employee is experiencing emotion, so it’s universal, and emotions are really powerful they can overtake you and make you do things you never thought you were capable of doing.”

Bosses should keep their employees’ anger in check
Anger could lead to disloyalty

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Apparently, negative emotions work in a certain way, whether it is anger or guilt but in different directions.

Where anger could lead to more impulsive processing leading to deviance, guilt would lead to a more deliberate and careful processing leading to much lesser deviance.

Motro conducted two studies to prove how emotions play mind games with people leading them to take certain decisions.

In first study, participants were asked to write time when they feel very angry or guilty. Participants were given to solve few math problems.

Apparently, the angry participants took to cheating and claimed undeserved money which was offered whereas the guilty ones claimed less of the undeserved money.

The second study included aCognitive Reflection Test to show how anger and guilt work differently.

A series of questions were asked from the participants and the angry ones responded impulsively and incorrectly whereas the guilty participants answered deliberately and more correctly.

The study clearly shows how an angry employee could take impulsive decisions.

In such cases, it the responsibility of the employer to behave as a leader and help them before some disastrous situation arise.

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