Bollywood’s “Khiladi” Akshay Kumar Turns A Year Older !

Akshay Kumar

Things You Must Learn From Mr.Khiladi On His birthday!

Happy Birthday Akshay Kumar. He is not mere an actor but a man with super cool attitude and whose charm is everlasting, no matter you are his fan or not, but you cannot deny the fact that, this man is having very less haters and indulge in less controversies.

Akshay Kumar

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We all love his charisma and the way he hit our funny nerves with his acting. We all love Khiladi Kumar. Akshay is a smart actor as well as very good with his business skills. He is considered as the busiest actor when it comes to doing films.

Not only films, Akshay Kumar indulge himself with self protection campaigns for women in which he teaches self- defence to women .

Here we are going to tell you some important life lessons you must learn from Akshay Kumar:

  • Know Your Strengths And Weaknesses And Play Around Them: Akshay is in industry from more than 20 years now and know the game very well. Without having any godfather in Bollywood and still able to mark his position so uniquely, he is rocking the world and so if he can, you can.
  • Adapt The Change: It is important to accept the change and change accordingly and that’s what Akshay Kumar is all about. We see many 90’s sensations lost their charm because they can’t adapt the change lost their charm, so it is very important to adapt the change and work according to that.
  • Do Not Compare Self: It is very important to not compare yourself with anyone else. If you want to stay in race, you have to stand out with uniqueness.
  • Do Not Go With The Flow: Stars these days do fewer movies because not only them, we also believe that “Quality matters” but there is a slight bit change when it comes to Khiladi Kumar. Kumar almost do multiple films in a year and that’s one the reasons of his success that he don’t give up, no matter what.
  • Routine Is Important: We all know about Khiladi’s strict routine of early to bed and early to rise. And everyone must learn this simple rule of giving time to self and care for body, so this helps in developing new thoughts and helps in improving your lifestyle.

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