International Yoga Day 2020: 5 Indian celebrities who are yoga enthusiasts

The world and the United Nations will celebrate International Yoga Day on 21st June

Looking healthy and fit is one of the requirements  for Bollywood celebrities. While most of the celebrities hit the gym to get a toned and attractive physique, there are some who swear by Yoga to get a fit body, stress-free mind and glowing skin. As the world gears up to celebrate the International Yoga Day 2020 on 21st June, we have brought you the list of Bollywood stars who practice this ancient Indian exercise and inspire others to take up Yoga too.

1. Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty Kundra is a huge Yoga enthusiast and practices Yoga asanas on a regular basis. We bet you won’t be able to guess her age correctly. Her social media is filled with Yoga asanas to motivate others to do the same. She practices “Suryanamaskar” every day and it is also her favourite exercise.

2. Malaika Arora

The evergreen diva Malaika Arora credits Yoga for her fit and toned body. She is actually the perfect example of “The curious case of Benjamin Button” as she is growing hotter day by day. She was introduced to Yoga by Kareena Kapoor Khan first and now it has become a regular thing for Malaika.

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3. Jacqueline Fernandes

If you have not seen Jacqueline Fernandes pulling off difficult Yoga asanas with ease, you need some help with your Instagram rules. Although she hits the gym too, Yoga is her favourite exercise. The ‘Kick’ actress keeps posting images and videos of her doing some insane Yoga moves on her Instagram account.

4. Akshay Kumar

The hit machine of Bollywood Akshay Kumar often asks people to practice Yoga every day. He himself practices Yoga regularly and is one of the fittest actors ever. He has also taken part in the #MyLifeMyYoga campaign to promote health and fitness.

5. Kareena Kapoor Khan

The ‘Bebo’ of Bollywood is known for her fitness and health even after being a mother. She practices Surya Namaskar every day and credits Yoga for regaining the ‘size zero’.

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