Bollywood Actresses and their Rich husbands

Here is the list of Bollywood actresses and their Rich husbands

Bollywood symbolize money, luxury and limelight. People say once stuck to the stardom, it is difficult to let it go, specially the money that accompanies. Here is the list of Bollywood actresses and their rich husbands.

But as they say nothing stays forever, same goes for limelight. An actress’s career is much shorter than one of an Actor.

But who would be willing to let go of luxury, comfort and money.

Many actresses in the past not keen to drop the amenities attached to stardom are tend to incline towards other conducts to keep their lifestyle intact.

One of the easy and overly used measure by most actress of the sort is to trap a rich shark in the lifetime bond of marriage.

Many actresses have and keep resorting to such a means in order to keep living a life of luxury even after their career ends.

Let us look at few of the actresses who have married rich men out of their greed:

Bollywood Actresses and their Rich husbands
The Ambani couple

· Tina Ambani to Anil Ambani

It would not be wrong to say that Tina was one of the very first actresses to start this trend. Once a biggest name of Bollywood in 1980s, when faced some hurdles did one thing that she felt was logical to restore her crashing career.

Anil Ambani was already fascinated by Tina and she used that as her Ace tool. She married Anil Ambani and is living as a Queen since then.

· Ayesha Takia to Farhan Azmi

Ayesha might not have been one of the top actresses, but she had a special image of a self-made actress. She is a gem of Bollywood and even the top producers couldn’t deny her charms.

With her occasional hit with the biggest superstars, Ayesha had established her place in the industry until she married the businessman, Farhan Azmi. Many calls it a greed-driven arrangement but the ones close to Ayesha believes it is a long-time love affair turned life-long commitment.

· Amrita Arora to Shakeel Sheikh

Amrita was never the best choice for any role in movies, may be just a backup option surviving due to her great contacts and best friend Kareena Kapoor’s recommendations.

So, when life gave her a chance to fulfil her dreams of living a luxuries life in the form of rich businessman, Shakeel Sheikh, she took the opportunity with both hands. Shakeel is a divorcee who took interest in Amrita and it didn’t take much convincing for Amrita to reciprocate.

Bollywood Actresses and their Rich husbands
Perfect couple, note the sarcasm

· Sridevi to Boney Kapoor

Who marries a man the age of her father? You got the answer. Yes, a gold-digger. Sridevi might have been the greatest Actress of all times but her personal life decision has proven how shallow she is as a human being.

Especially, her act of biting the one who provided her with a roof when she was homeless in the back. Boney Kapoor’s ex-wife let her live in her house and in return she got pregnant by Boney while he was still married resulting in his divorce. That was a master stroke.

· Shilpa Shetty to Raj Kundra

Their story is not concealed from anybody. Everybody know how Shipla met Raj due to some project and all the courting Raj went through to be with Shipla.

The London-based businessman took interest in the Indian beauty and seems like turned her life for better. Shilpa’s film career have already almost finished much before she started dating Raj. So, money could be a factor but other than that they are happily married and proud parents now.

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