Bois Locker Room Scandal : Let us stop Stereotyping Men 

Men will be men, but not all men are same! #StopFakeFeminism

India experienced yet another series of toxicity from the youth of the country also regarded as future of the nation. These youths are  educated and privileged young children. Women’s bodies for centuries have been viewed as properties of public ownership. Their bodies has been little more than objects for mass consumption and constant critique. It is a matter of shock that even in 21st century, we are a victim of such problems. Recently, an Instagram group called “Bois Locker Room” surfaced on social media. Initially, the group was believed to be run by class 11th and 12th boys from schools in Delhi. In that group, boy’s share photographs of teenage girls, discuss about things which shouldn’t be discussed. Following the social media outrage Delhi police registered a case under 67, 67A of the Information Technology (IT) Act, and various sections of Indian Penal code.

But wait? Was it just that 

Recently, a viral snapchat account screenshot which showed an individual named Siddharth planning the rape of a girl is to be girl’s ploy to “test of character” of her male classmate. As per Times of India report, a girl had created a snapchat account with the name Siddharth, and then began planning her own sexual assault to check her male classmate’s reaction and also judge his “strength of character.” Using the fake identity of a male person, she suggested a plan to sexually assault. The boy later also forwarded the screenshots to a few of his friends and one of them posted it on Instagram. During the same time various screenshots pertaining to bois locker room controversy too went viral. The cops though have said there is no link between the two incidents.

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How have we failed as a society?

Be it girls or boys, this incident shows we have failed as society. Apart from it, we also stereotype things. We always believe that “Galti ladke ki hogi”. Whenever any such news break out, we always put the blame on the males of the society. And never think a “girl” can also be the mastermind behind such acts. We have also failed as a society by not giving time for investigation and directly jumping on to the result what we feel is right. The recent events has surely slapped us and taught us a lesson, to not just jump to the conclusion rather try to understand both sides of the stories.

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