Board Mantra: How to revise your subjects

Board Mantra: How to revise your subjects
Preparation of boards

This is how you should revise your subjects

Boards are appraoching and sweet dreams have been replaced by nightmares. Students encounter examination anxiety during this time and especially if it’s about father of all exams ‘Boards examination.’ Time management and proper revision can help you to score better so guys do not panic because it’s never too late to revise your subjects. Here are few tips that how should you revise your subjects.

Here, we have come up with ‘Board mantra’ that will definitely help you to revise your subjects. Just take a look-

1. Draw up your revision timetable

One should revise the subjects about 20-30 minutes because your concentration power is much higher.We therefore recommend taking short, frequent breaks.Take a look at the proposed timetable:

  • 9 – 9:30 subject 1 (5 minutes break)
  • 9:35-10:5 subject 2 ( 5 minutes break)
  • Continue like this

2. Exercise

Physical activity is very important, particularly during intense study time. So, don’t forget to exercise. Even going for a small 30-minute jog after a day of revision will make a huge difference to your wellbeing. Physical activity also increases heart rate which makes the blood circulate faster. This in turn ensures that brain gets more oxygen which increases productivity whilst reducing tiredness and stress.

3. Choose a quite place

Quite place is very important for revision. Always choose a place or corner of your house where there is minimal distraction for revision. Avoid coffee shops like Starbucks though it’s a popular option, but you often get distracted.

4. Get up early

‘Early to bed is to early to rise’ and this phrase worth it. Before your exams always try to get up early in the morning. Early morning hours are best for revision.

Preparation of boards
Preparation of boards

5. Spice up your revision

Use a bit of colour! Drawing colourful learning maps will help you to memorise facts. What is even more interesting is the fact that colourful notes are easier to memorise than plain black and white ones. Give it a go!

6. Solve last years question paper

Ask your teacher for some past papers or google them yourself. If you will solve last year question paper it will definitely give you some insight about the pattern and it will make you comfortable with board exams.

7. Make notes

Making notes is by far the best way to memorise a lot of information. We all have been there, sat down reading a textbook and lying to ourselves that the time is being used productively – it is not! The best way to memorise information is by making notes over and over again. Infact, notes are key to success.

8. Reward yourself

It is not all about the work; you need good breaks too. People who manage to find the right balance between study and leisure are the ones who get the top marks. For instance go to a cinema with friends after a productive day of revision or treat yourself to something sweet. Appreciate yourself for your work.

9. Take family and friends help

Ask people around you to test you and give you feedback. You should already have made handy revision notes.

10. Maintain optimistic approach

It’s very important to keep yourself positive. Try to maintain optimistic approach. Trust yourself.

Following these tips you will get loads of work done, feel great about yourself and still have plenty of time to relax with your friends and family. Good luck, now get down to your own notes!

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