Board Exams 2020 Special: Muft ki advice that every Board aspirants get!

You will get a lot of Muft Ki Advice, all you need to do is – ‘Stay Focus’

More than what the parents would say, students, are more worried about their relatives “so-called concern.” In this board season,  we bring to you top Muft ki advice you will come across if you are a board aspirant. In this tussle to score more, you need to remember, Board exams are just the milestone and not the end game.

DISCLAIMER: What you do in your examination hall becomes everybody’s business.

1. Sharma/Gupta/Agarwal Ji ke beta ka zyada number laaya tha

You are always compared to your relative’s son and how he scores better than you. They have asked you to score well in the exam, but  their goal is to see you score more than Sharma ji ka ladka/ ladki.

2. Ess baar tumko hi top karna hai

Taiyaari kaisi chal rahi? Aur top kar rahe ho na? This question pisses the students off like anything. Trust us dealing with relatives and inquisitive neighbours are tougher than actually preparing for the board exam.

3. Do send me your roll number

Every Indian child is blessed to have those overprotected relatives in life who will not turn up for years but will not miss a chance to shower their concern during the boards season. “Send me your roll numbers.” This is the most common and irritating question which directly hit our nerves.

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4. Behen se zyada number aane chahiye

And here starts the struggle to score more than your sibling. If you have an elder sibling who is brilliant and star of your parents’ eyes, then trust us battleground is much tougher for you. You will already start cursing your sibling for scoring so much.

As you step into the examination hall to conquer the biggest hurdle of your life, just remember that isn’t really a hurdle, and it is definitely not the biggest thing that life has in store for you. Don’t be afraid of giving your best shot. Study hard and write the examination well, but not at the cost of your sleep, appetite, and of course the things you are passionate about.

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