Board Exams 2019 : Tips& Tricks to Prepare Business Studies

Board Exams 2019: Tips& Tricks to Prepare Business Studies to score good marks

Business studies is one of the most scoring subjects. You can easily score above 90 if you know the right tips and tricks. Two most important things that come in handy while solving Business Studies paper are – 1. Presentation and 2. Writing speed. Business Studies paper is usually lengthy. As Board exams 2019 is around the corner, here are few tips& tricks to prepare Business studies to score good marks in the subject.

Basically, Business Studies examination tests the conceptual understanding of businesses and all its respective aspects of a student. We will discuss how to prepare for Business Studies to score good marks.

1. Clear your concepts

The foremost step to preparation is reading all the topics thoroughly. Pen down all the doubts you have. First get them cleared.

2. Get your jargons on Point

While reading the subject, underline the jargon used to describe a particular topic. Remember when you will use them in your answer sheet correctly, it will  highlight the fact that your concepts are clear

3. Please Say no to Cramming

CBSE is known for asking HOTS question which means Higher Order Thinking Skills. So, it better to understand the topic. Say No to cramming because that would not help.

4. Break your answer in small points

If any answer is very lengthy, you can break that answer into small points. Number one it will make your task easy as you will not forget any of the important pointers. Also, your answer sheet will look presentable.

5. Make Acronyms your friend

As there is so much to memorize in Business Studies. It is always advisable to make acronyms your friend.  It will help you to recall all the points of the question in a serial order.  For example:  POSDC: Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing and Controlling

6. Use Diagrams to make your answer sheet attractive

We all like to read from diagrams because they are easier to understand. Also, we don’t get bored. Long answers are ok but if you will use diagrams it will make your answer sheet attractive

7. Highlight Important words and statements that you have used in the answer

We all are supposed to write answers with a blue pen but you can always underline or highlight the most important words of answer with a black pen

8. Common one but the important one – Solve previous years question paper

This will help you to analyze your speed, presentation, and your scoring capacity. Do it often before the exam.

9. Keep 15 minutes handy for reading your answers after attempting them

Keep 15 minutes handy for reading your answers. Just ensure that you have attempted all the questions

10. Do not discuss answers after the exam

Yes, the most important trick never discuss answers with your friends after the exam. Have confidence in your ability and prepare for the next exam

Note: Revise NCERT Illustrations thoroughly. 

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