Blast from the history : Emperor Jahangir’s 447 Anniversary

Emperors like Ashoka and Akbar was the royal kings and ofcourse credit for enriched India goes to them.

The fourth Mughal ruler, Jahangir was a succeeded by the famous, Akbar the Great. Jahangir was a known for his love story.

Like most Mughal rulers, Jahangir has given India few of the most iconic

structures that have lasted the centuries without losing their glory.


Emperor Jhangir

Jhanginr was the only son of the Akbar and Jodha. Here are a few facts about the Mughal ruler:-

Jahangir ruled the Mughal Empire for 22 years. Jahangir’s era is credited with the construction of monuments like Itimad-ud-daulah in 1622, where the use of

white marble started hinting towards a new era of architecture in the Mughal emperor.

The art culminated in the form of Taj Mahal built by his son Shah Jahan

The popular Shalimar Bagh in Srinagar was built by Jahangir in order to reproduce the beauty of Kashmir.

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