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What is black fungus? It is infecting Covid-19 patients

Black fungal infections on a rise in India

A very worrying situation has arisen for patients infected and recovered from the corona. Cancer takes a few months to produce a fatal effect, whereas black fungus can kill a few days or hours. But this ‘black fungus infection’ or Mucormycosis is not mysterious. It was only very rare.

According to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDS), Mucormycosis is a serious but rare fungal infection caused by a group of molds called micromycetes. On one hand, the corona cases are increasing rapidly, and the third wave can knock at any time. In such a situation, some other intimidating problems are also coming up. Cases of a mysterious infection are being seen from hospitals in different states of the country.

Several media reports suggested that 281 people have contracted this infection as of now, including 27 who have died now.

Black Fungus

What is mucormycosis?

The problems of people who have been infected with Corona and have been cured probably will not end so soon. Mucormycosis has long been considered a major threat. However, cases of fungal infections have been rarely seen till now. Despite this, the ICMR has warned people that if fungal infection is taken lightly in any way, not only can it cause difficulty in recovery. Rather it can lead to many more problems over time. It is present in the air and enters in through the breath. This causes problems of the sinus cavity, lung cavity, and chest cavity.

Symptoms of Black Fungus infection

1. If you have this fungal infection, then it can cause pain in the cheekbone. Later, due to this infection, many facial lesions can also be formed. Apart from this, this infection can also give rise to many other skin-related problems.

2. ICMR guidelines have pointed out that as a blank fungus infection engulfs a person, it can also affect their eyes. Due to this, swelling and light in the eyes can also become weak. Apart from this, redness of the eyes is also one of the main symptoms of this fungal infection.

Black Fungus

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How to identify black fungus?

If a person has a fungal infection, then the effect is first seen on the face. However, apart from this, its marks can be seen on other parts of the body. Read below about the symptoms associated with it. It can also affect your brain when a fungal infection occurs. Because of this, one can face a situation like forgetting, neurological problem. In such a situation, the patient needs to be more vigilant.

If a person has inhaled fungal mold, it can be a very dangerous situation. It attacks the sinus cavity and nerves. Because of this, you may have to face severe headaches. Take such symptoms seriously. Symptoms of this fungal infection first appear on the face. If this infection happens to someone, initially black spots may appear near the eyes and nose. At the same time, if the problem is not treated in time, then the victim may have to wash hands with teeth and jaws.

Patients with severe diabetes may be at risk of black fungus. However, this problem has occurred in only a few. To avoid this, there should be an effort to keep sugar under control. In addition to steroids, the use of some corona drugs affects a patient’s immune system. When these drugs are not used properly it increases the risk of black fungus, as the patient’s immune system fails to fight fungal infections. After recovering from corona, people should keep a close watch on the symptoms.

Preventive measures to beat this virus

1. The first prevention is education. We need to educate people about this virus.

2. We should advise recovering patients to remain indoors until they regain their natural strength and immunity.

3.  Those who are engaged in farming or gardening should be advised to lay off from work until the storm has settled.

4. We must ensure that the humidifiers used during oxygen therapy are sterile.

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