Black colored ice-cream is taking the internet by storm!

It’s all about mouth watering and delicious ice cream!

Well, most of us like ice cream. From mango to orange all are present among the list of our favourite ice-cream. Well, usually Ice creams are meant to be white, off-white, pink, purple, green. Even now a rainbow ice cream has become children first choice because of its different colors that gives it an attractive look. But have you ever imagined ice cream that is pure black in color. If yes, then it might be your wildest thought.

Black color ice cream
Black color ice cream

Ice creams, especially soft-serve ice creams, just have that image that they belong in a fairytale. So, it’s hard to even imagine a Fairy with a black ice-cream .Well, things are not same. Because black ice-cream swirls in ash-black cones are very much a reality. From last few days internet is flooded with black ice-creams and people just love it. Everyone wants to know its taste.

Black ice cream launched in Los Angeles

This innovative ice cream is launched in Los Angeles. It is launched by the Little Damage Ice Cream Shop in Los Angeles, California; this ice cream has been taking social media by storm. And why wouldn’t it, if it looks so pretty darn good with pretty much any flavour/colour you pair it with? This black beauty provides you with different flavours that are refreshing enough.

So, if you are planning to visit California anytime soon, remember to have a scoop of this devilish dessert. We hope this ice cream introduce in India soon.

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