BJP to contest on more Lok Sabha seats than Congress and it’s ‘Historic’


The emergence of BJP since 2014

In 2014 Lok Sabha elections BJP emerged as the single largest party. Since then,  Amit Shah and Narendra Modi led party hasn’t looked back. BJP has only grown and achieved some amazing feats in conquering the power in various States of the nation.  NDA which had a majority in only 7 states are now ruling in 18 states. This number went to 21 before they lost in Rajasthan, Chattisgarh,  and Rajasthan in 2018 assembly election.

BJP: The World’s Largest Party

BJP claims that they are the world largest party with 8.8 crores registered member which is 1.3 crores more than the Communist party in China.

BJP Lok Sabha Seats Statistics: In History

BJP with their 22 other allies fought 543 seats winning 336 of them in 2014. BJP alone fought on 427 seats scooping 282 in a way which decimated Congress. Congress fought on 464 where they could manage to win only 44.

In 2009, BJP in the leadership of Lal Krishan Advani contested on 433 seats winning only 16 of them. Congress fought on 440 seats and won 206 of them forming the government with their allies.

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BJP Creates History by contesting on 437 Lok Sabha Seats

This year BJP is contesting on 437 Lok Sabha seats as per the recent declaration whereas Congress is contesting on 423. This is the first time ever since they came into existence in 1980 when the right-wing the party is contesting on more seats than their rival Congress.

However, Congress may field more candidates in coming time and equation may change but for time being BJP has created history.  They are positive on getting the majority again riding high on their zero-tolerance policy against corruption and terrorism.  The recent action against terrorism in Balakot and Surgical strike has boosted their image of true nationalists.

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