Birthday Special: “Without Football My Life Is Nothing”- Cristiano Ronaldo


Interesting Facts about Ronaldo that will make you go awww!

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santo Aveiro, yes you read it right! This is the full name of the football player who is known as Cristiano Ronaldo by his fans. His name is inspired by a former U.S President, Ronald Regan, who was greatly loved by his father. Here are a few interesting facts about this great player.

1. According to a computer security company,  McAfee, Ronaldo’s name was the most popular among the searched names of footballers on the internet in the year 2012.

2. His family conditions were not well balanced. He was born in the year 1985 on 5th February. His father, Jose, was a gardener and his mother, Maria, was a cook and cleaner. Due to his father’s irresponsible behavior towards his family, his mother was forced to work late at nights so that she can handle the responsibilities of her children and family.

3. Ronaldo was given a label of ‘cry-baby’ and ‘quick-bee’. These nicknames were based on his behavior as the former one was due to his habit of crying it was his way of resolving situations. Where other children used to fight for the pitch, he used to bring tears in his eyes. The latter one was based on his sports skills. He was as quick as a bee when he came on the field and very little has changed till now.

4. To get studies at a renowned university is an epitome for many of us. Whereas, Ronaldo has excelled it and is being studied by fourth-year sociology students of University of British Columbia Okanagan about his life and career.

5. There is an uncountable number of records broken by Cristiano Ronaldo and it’s next to impossible to list them all down. However, one record that stands out is that he is most highly paid footballer of his age. After being signed by Real Madrid, he earns Euro 3,65,000 per week, and the deal will run till 2021.

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6. At the age of 14, he was expelled from his school due to his misbehaving behavior for his teacher. “ I was expelled after I threw a chair at the teacher. He disrespected me.”He revealed in 2011.

7. The soccer’s star son is also named after his name, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. He is raised by his father and grandmother, Dolores.

8. Not everyone is capable of building his own museum, but Ronaldo is an exception. He has that many trophies, that led him to make his own personal museum.

9. Museu CR7 is filled with trophies he ever won in his career and is located at his birthplace of Madeira in Portugal. He says, “I have rooms for more trophies. I don’t really want to mention specific ones. All I want is to win more awards and is the Ballon d’Or comes, there is extra room here.”

10. At the age of 15, he suffered from racing heartin which his resting heart rate was beating faster than the normal heart rate.

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