Birthday Special: Varun Dhawan, a man with the Plan

“Shuddhi is not happening in 2016”: says Varun Dhawan

VD turns a year older and we are super- excited!

Bollywood hunk Varun Dhawan has turned a year older, and we must say he has come a long way. Not only as an actor, but he has also evolved as a human being in last few years. He made his Bollywood debut in the year 2012 and since then, he hasn’t looked back.  His choices of films have made him one of the most lovable actors of this country. He rules millions of hearts and he keeps entertaining with some beautiful films. Be it, Student of the year or Badlapur, he has done justice to his every role.

Varun Dhawan reacts on his road accident
Varun Dhawan, Actor

Today, we will tell you 10 things that every millennial should learn from him:

1.Getting Success is easy but holding on to it can be a difficult task. His entrance in Bollywood was easy, but he proved himself and retained his success.

2.Work comes first. He worships his work. So whenever he does a movie, he gives his 100 percent to it

3.A balance between Professional and Personal life is important.  He never brings his personal issues to his work

4.Multi – tasking is a good thing. Although he is an actor, he boldly shares his ideas in various other departments

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5.Cherishing friendships is important. You should not make a lot of friends, but you definitely have some good- supportive friends

6.Live in the moment: He lives in the moment and wherever he goes, he just spreads the magic

7.Do what you love doing. He loves acting and he passionately follows his dream

8.Experiments are important in life. If you will not take risks, you will not succeed

9.Things don’t happen on their own, you have to make them happen

10.Keep going. Yes, his Bindass attitude preaches this that you should not stop moving ahead in life.

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