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Akhir hai Kaun yeh Binod?: 5 Bizarre things that went viral overnight!

Meme Trend that has now take over Paytm too & we have now peaked as a meme nation, Sab Kuch BINOD hai!

In the age of social media, anything can become a trend.  There are so many things that go viral within seconds and the next thing you see is –it is everywhere on your social media feed. The latest trend to join the bandwagon is ‘BINOD’. It has been trending from past one day, and people actually want to know Akhir Yeh Binod hai Kaun? Well, it is hilariously bizarre as you had expected. Such trends leave us wondering why on Earth is this trending? To simply put – Everything and Everyone is ‘BINOD’.

To your surprise,  it was all started when a video about weird comments was uploaded on the Youtube channel Slay Point. Captioned BINOD- Who is Binod?  The video talks about all the bizarre comments that the creators get on their videos. And, one comment from the viewer Binod Tharu just read BINOD. And it became a trend, and it became so popular that even Paytm has changed its user name on Twitter.

Here is a list of 5 most Bizarre things that went viral on the internet & we were like Yeh Kyun Trend kar raha hai:

1. Dhinchak Pooja : None of us can’t forget her. She became a rage on the internet for like no reason. But her voice is still fresh in our minds. She became such a hotshot that she was later invited to Bigg Boss!


2. Irrfan Khan’s famous dialogue from Jazbaa – Mohabbat thi toh jane diya, zidd hoti toh bahao mai hoti’ This inspired dialogue  many memes and everybody was a part of it couple of months back. Take a look here :

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3. Do you remember how JCB had taken over our Twitter feed?  Ye internet hai yahan kuch bhi ho sakta hai

It was trending last year and even stars took part in it ( we as a meme nation have just notched it up) . Take a look here and don’t forget to laugh hard.

4. Dating 5 men is her choice – Something that kept Neha Dhupia in limelight for a long time.  It inspired many memes.  Neha Dhupia said living with  5 men at a time is a girl’s choice and this didn’t go well with a lot of users and inspired many memes. In fact, more than expected.

5. Bulati hai magar jaane ka nhi : Some of the best memes were made on this. A 3-year-old video started to trend on the internet and we must say inspired some best memes! Take a look here:

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