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Skill Mapping of 19 lakh ‘Shramshakti’ in Bihar, yet migration continues: Lalit Singh (JDS)

Leaders from different parties soon to join JDS. -Haldar Kant Mishra, State President, JD(S)


Contractors and builders of metro cities are giving temptation to workers of Bihar because

there is no industry in Bihar

Brokers and mafia rule dominate Bihar

In the wake of upcoming Bihar assembly elections, political parties are engaged in campaigning. The medium of communication has become virtual in the Corona era. Meanwhile, Senior Vice President of Janata Dal (Secular) and Chairman of the All Party Coordination Committee, Mr. Lalit Singh, talking to the media, appeared to attack the Nitish Kumar’s government. He alleged that Jungle Raj Part-2 has been established in Bihar and the youth and farmers have been pushed to the margins.

Mr. Lalit Singh said, “In Bihar, farmers and youth are both facing unforeseen circumstances because of ignorance of the current day government. Both the ruling party and the opposition use them for vote bank and dispel them at the end. Brokers and liquor mafias dominate the entire state. On the one hand, the government deducts Rs. 3 to 3.50 paise per kg on grains that is given to the officers for the brokerage i.e. Rs. 300-350 per quintal. “

“During the Monsoon Session of Parliament yesterday, the Central Government said that they have no data to know how many workers have died due to the lockdown. This is a very serious situation. When lakhs of workers were coming back to Bihar, Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar had said that these workers are the ‘manpower (Shramshakti)’ of the country. According to the state government, skill mapping of more than 19 lakh workers was completed. Yet why did they not get jobs in Bihar? Today they are again facing an outbreak of migration. The contractors and builders of big cities are calling them Chennai, Hyderabad and Delhi by indigo and SpiceJet by luring them. “

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Mr. Singh further said, “There are more than six lakh government vacancies in Bihar but restoration is not being done. Today there are over 1 crore educated unemployed but the government has no concrete program where to use them. Industries in the state have either fallen victim to crime and kidnapping that forced them to shut down. The government has nothing to offer in the name of jobs. Bihar for the last one and a half decades has been groaning but both the government and the opposition resort to gain power by fear-mongering against each other .”
State President of Janata Dal Secular, Mr. Halder Kant Mishra said, “Our party is fully confident to perform well in the upcoming Bihar elections. Our National President has made it clear that Bihar has to be brought on the path of development and prosperity. All the members of the party’s Bihar unit are constantly communicating with the masses. Members of other political parties are soon to join the JDS. “
It is worth noting that the Janata Dal (Secular) is going to contest all the seats in Bihar state polls. Party supremo and former Prime Minister Mr. H.D. Deve Gowda will soon be holding press conference in Patna and will be accompanied by Haldar Kant Mishra and other senior party leaders of JDS.

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