Bihar Bhawan walks extra miles to help migrants

Bihar government has created an app to help migrant laborers

Since the nationwide lockdown due to Corona virus (Covid 19) spread, the Bihar government has been providing all possible help to the migrants stranded outside the state. Till now, lakhs of migrants have been assisted from the control room at Bihar Bhawan in Delhi. Food, shelter and medical facilities were made available to the residents of Bihar stranded in various states, in coordination with the local officials of Gujarat, J&K, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Maharashtra. Etc. The office of the Resident Commissioner, Bihar Bhawan, acting sensitively on humanitarian grounds at this hour of distress, has also sent people to their homes in Bihar in the middle of any adverse situation.
Shri Neeraj Thakur, a resident of Raghunathpur, Purnia, Bihar, who works in Delhi, contacted Bihar Bhawan as his mother died on 29.03.2020. Son Neeraj went to Bihar Bhavan in Delhi and approached the Resident Commissioner’s office so that he could go home to attend the funeral of his mother. Without any delay, the Resident Commissioner issued a travel pass and arranged to send him and his entire family to his native place.
At the same time, Mr. Anwar Alam, a resident of Kishanganj district of Bihar, also wrote a letter to Bihar Bhawan informing him that his father passed away and he had to go home. Twenty-one-year old Mr. Anwar Alam used to work at Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Mr. Alam was sent to Kishanganj on 28th March, 2020 by Bihar Bhawan. A vehicle was arranged with all possible supplies.

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Father of Ms. Apoorva Das (an engineer in Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Bengaluru), who is resident of Darbhanga district of Bihar, died in Chennai on 07.04.2020. She was supposed to go to Chennai to attend his funeral. She requested Bihar Bhawan. The RC in coordination with the Bengaluru Police, issued a travel pass to Ms. Apoorva. Ms. Apoorva reached Chennai safely.
Meanwhile, information was received from Anambakkam in Chennai that a pregnant woman is unable to go to the doctor for her treatment due to lockdown. Her husband Shri Panch Narayan, resident of Lodipur, Sheikhpura (Bihar), apprised the Bihar Bhawan of the incident, and then the officials at Bihar Bhawan provided the woman with much needed medical facility with the help of local administration.
There are many examples in which such assistance has been provided with prompt response. So far, feedback has been received from over 40,000 (forty thousand) people. These include about 7,000 (seven thousand) from Gujarat, 6,500 (six thousand five hundred) from Tamil Nadu, 1,500 (one thousand and five hundred) from Maharashtra, 5,000 (five thousand) from Delhi-NCR, 2,000 (two thousand) from Andhra Pradesh, Jammu- 100 (one hundred) from Kashmir, 400 (four hundred) from Punjab-Haryana, 4,700 (four thousand seven hundred) from Rajasthan, 850 (eight hundred and fifty) from Uttar Pradesh and 470 (four hundred and seventy) people from Karnataka sent positive feedback to Bihar Bhawan. Everyone informed that they are being provided basic food, housing and medical assistance every day.
At Kashipur, Udhamsingh Nagar, Uttarakhand, with immediate effect on the news of the stranded migrants of Bihar, the control room of Bihar Bhawan promptly assisted them. Many people living in Buxar and Kaimur of Bihar were stranded.
Based on the information given by Shri Upendra Paswan of Gaya, around 1000 people of Jamui and Gaya districts stranded in Tamil Nadu were assisted by the local administration on the request of the control room of Bihar Bhawan.
Food for 2,000 (two thousand) people was arranged based on the information of Mr. Chandan Kumar and Mukesh Kumar, residents of Nalanda district of Bihar, trapped in Tamil Nadu itself. 200 (two hundred) from Buxar stranded in Tamil Nadu and 150 (one hundred and fifty) people from Sitamarhi.
It is worth noting that the Bihar government has created an app to help migrant laborers through which 1000 (one thousand) rupees are being given directly to the victim’s bank account by the Chief Minister Relief Fund. Till now it has reached millions of people. A message in this regard has been sent to about 34,000 (thirty-four thousand) people by the control room at Bihar Bhawan, New Delhi.
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