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Why the Election commission should delay the Bihar Assembly Elections?

Why Nitish Kumar wants an election and Tejasvi Prasad does not?

While the country is battling the deadly coronavirus, political parties have heated up their campaign for the Assembly Election 2020 in Bihar. The present NDA government of JDU, BJP and LJP will complete its tenure in November. This means that the Election Commission of India will have to conduct the Assembly Elections somewhere in October-November. But these are extraordinary times and the country is fighting a war against infectious COVID-19 disease. It is not safe for people to gather in one place or even go out unnecessary. In these conditions, conducting an election seems a little worrying.

Why Should Election Commission delay the election?

Although the present government will end its run of the current term in November,  ECI needs to postpone the Assembly Election until the coronavirus situation improves. As explained by the opposition leader, Tejasvi Prasad Yadav Loktantra (Democracy) exists because of people, but if there will be no people, democracy will be for whom? What he meant was- Coronavirus is spreading in Bihar, conducting election will make people vulnerable to the infection.

We at One World News also think that nothing could be given priority over the health of the public. So the election can wait, there is no harm in conducting the election after  6 months when hopefully we will have a vaccine against the SARS-Cov2 virus. People in Bihar are at more risk due to the poor health infrastructure in the state. With just 13,000 active cases, the state is in a panic mode where many people are not getting beds, oxygen support and other medical assistance.

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However, the biggest challenge for the authorities would be to handle the population of more than 12 crores amid the measures of social distancing and others. Despite the death threat, you can easily find people in rural areas and small towns wandering outside without masks and following the social distancing norms. In these times, with the kind of awareness in Bihar, it would be very challenging for the ECI to follow the COVID-19 measures across the 243 Assembly constituencies.

Why Nitish Kumar wants election?

Sources have suggested that CM Nitish Kumar (who seems to be losing his Sushashan Babu tag in the 2015-20 term) wants the election to happen on its scheduled time. The possible reason behind JDU’s chief aspirations could be his failure to handle the coronavirus situation in the state including the migrant work situation.

Why Tejasvi does not want an election?

RJD chief and main face of the opposition, Tejasvi Prasad Yadav wants to delay the election so that he will be able to attack the Nitish led NDA more for not doing enough in the Corona time.

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