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Bigg Boss OTT : Shamita Shetty was age shamed by Akshara Singh & that’s not cool!

Bigg Boss OTT: Dear Akshara, ‘Age – Shaming’ isn’t cool

The controversial reality show Bigg Boss OTT has already begun and fans are enjoying the episodes. It is just the early days in the show and conversations inside the house are heating up. Recently, Shamita Shetty and Bhojpuri actor Akshara Singh got involved in an ugly argument over food during which Akshara ended up age – shaming Shamita. Now, that comment quickly caught our attention. Notably, Akshara addressed Shamita as Maasi. She also expressed her surprise that Shamita is in her early 40s, considering how long she has been working. Akshara laughed over Shamita age and said Maasi is the correct way to address her.

What is Age-Shaming?

Age shaming means judging someone based on their age. Too young for that or too old for that – these phrases come under age –shaming. A lot of older women and men face age–shaming. Well, age–shaming someone irrespective of their gender, political or social stand, only reflects poorly on the one who resorts to it. People often forget that ageing is a natural process. It is the inevitable truth of living and breathing. People who mock others often forget that what they calling outdated and irrelevant today, is going to be their life’s story tomorrow.

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Is it okay to Age – Shame someone in the name of entertainment?

Fine we all know Bigg Boss is a controversial show and fights in the show are common. But it is okay to pass personal comments on others? The controversial reality show enjoys a huge fandom. In that case, normalising such comments sends out a wrong message in the society. Surely, this is not the entertainment we deserve. Judging someone based on their age is quite an oppressive concept. At a time, when Bollywood is exploring films on female friendships, hearing such comments for women from a woman is quite disturbing. When we constantly talk about women supporting other women, incidents like this show us the reality. Women should not be called out for their looks, body, choices, and age, be it a game, workplace, or even at our homes.

Don’t Promote Toxic Content for entertainment

It’s high time that we should initiate more conversations on such topics and should not consume any content (entertainment) that gives out a wrong message. In that last season, Rakhi Sawant went on to cut Abhinav Shukla ‘underwear’, the incidents made headlines. Later, Salman Khan reacted on the same and asked Abhinav – ‘Ismai Kya Dikkat Hai, Faayda toh Tumhe ho Raha hai’.  After that, he received a lot of backlash on the internet. In the show, Abhinav and Rakhi Sawant tussle pointed out an important issue – Men can say No tooThe episode was widely discussed and people had called out Rakhi for her behaviour. Reality shows like Bigg Boss should keep a check on their content as they have the potential to influence a large number of people.

Bigg Boss is known for its ugly fights and mean comments. Bigg Boss is one of the most loved shows on Indian television and is quite popular among young viewers. This year Bigg Boss OTT is hosted by filmmaker Karan Johar. The contestants are trying their best to be in the show. The show began with Partik and Divya locking horns and abusing each other. Notably, Shamita Shetty was a part of season 3 as well but she left the show midway to attend  Shilpa Shetty’s marriage.

Let us know in the comments section below what do you think about Akshara’s comment? 

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