BHU Row: Is what you teach actually what you preach?

What do you do when you aren’t even assured of being safe in the educational sphere of your country? Keep quiet and accept your fate or try to take action when the going gets tough? The recent reports of molestation charges by a BHU student against three men inside the college campus took an ugly turn this Sunday when the police took action in its own hands and ended up beating the victims instead of the perpetrators.

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What is the BHU case all about?

The incident involves A BHU student of the Arts Faculty was allegedly harassed by three motorcycle-borne men inside the university’s campus while she was on her way back to the hostel. Instead of lending a helping hand to the victim, the warden tried to shun her off by resorting to the cheapest trick in the book – “Her Character Assassination” and questioning her as to why was she returning so late? As a result, hundreds of students sat on a dharna in the campus in order to protest against the lack of safety and alleged victim shaming.

The Meek Administration

Instead of taking the corrective measures to keep the situation under control, all hell broke loose when the VC alleged that the incident was pre-planned and also hinted at the involvement of “outsiders” and “anti-national” elements behind it. The BHU administration was quick to force students to vacate hostels a day after the protests and ensured that the water and power supply was cut off in the hostels on Sunday. There were reports that all boarders of women’s hostels were warned to vacate their rooms by 4 pm on Sunday.

Students attacked in BHU on Sunday

Police- Students Clashes

The incident took a drastic change when the protesting students gathered outside the residence of the Vice Chancellor- GC Tyagi and attempted to enter his residence because of the alleged inaction on the part of BHU administration.

However, the situation turned violent when police allegedly used teargas shells to disburse the protestors. The men’s hostel was also reportedly targeted and several students including two journalists were injured in the lathi charge.

Violence spread across the campus and at least three vehicles were found to be torched. Videos purportedly showing policemen trying to enter girls’ hostel and beating them up has gone viral on social media platforms which further fuelled the incident.

It’s high time that the current government sees every incident as an act to malign the image of the leader since the breaking out of this incident is perfectly in sync with PM Modi’s visit to his home constituency.

The current government has been carrying a notorious image ever since its inception and has again come into the limelight because of its failure to take the required action against the troublemakers. The lamenting of such a heinous act against freedom of women as an “anti-national” act by the VC is a reason to worry about. The UP CM Adityanath Yogi has sought a report from Nitin Gokarn, Varanasi Divisional Commissioner regarding the same.

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