After Bhopal Jailbreak, prisons get new locks

All the prisons have got new locking system after Bhopal Jailbreak

Following the jailbreak by eight SIMI suspects from Bhopal Central Jail, prison authorities have arrived at a conclusion to change the entire locking system of the jails after the incident of Bhopal Jailbreak. Similarly, as a preventive measure, the authorities also decided to change locks of all the jails in the state.

These jail locks costing around Rs 1,100 each are of eight levers and it is for the very first time, that non-Aligarh made locks are being used in the Bhopal Central Jail.

After Bhopal Jailbreak, prisons get new locks
Bhopal Central Jail

Measures taken by the authorities

This is an immediate step, since the locks were needed immediately; the work for the purchase of other locks will be done later, said an official. There are as many as 70 barracks in the central jail and even if only the locks of barracks are changed, around 250 locks will be required.

“We have remodelled the locks of high- security cells as an immediate step. The process for acquirement is also being decentralised and the locks, if needed by all the jails of the state can be bought by them on their own,” DG Jail, Sanjay Chaudhary said. “The move of buying new locks is a continuous process and it used to take place on yearly basis. But now it will be made at local levels,” Chaudhary added.

After Bhopal Jailbreak, prisons get new locks
Bhopal Central Jailbreak Case

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About the new locks

Sources said that these new locks are heavy and big in size and on an average around 3,000 locks in all jails situated across the state would be changed in due course of time. This was a much – needed step as Bhopal jailbreak was a very big step.

The new locks which were recently provided to the Bhopal Central Jail are of Godrej, but before finalising upon these locks the officials also tried another design of lock that was equipped with magnetic keys but those locks were not able to fit in the barracks so, these locks of 8 lever were eventually purchased, said the source. This purchase was made through the Jail department’s central purchase committee.

After the Bhopal jailbreak by SIMI suspects, jail officials said that the convicted escaped after opening locks using keys made from tongue cleaner and toothbrush. Seventeen such keys were hence recovered from the cells during the inspection.


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