Bharat Review: Salman’s ‘X factor’ will make his diehard fans Whistle!


Bharat Review: Eid par Bhaijaan Ka Tohfa, 5 reasons to watch the film!

Bharat Review- The much –awaited film of the year has hit theatres today. Yes, we are talking about Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s starrer Bharat.  Bollywood’s Bhaijaan is back with a blockbuster on Eid.  Apart from Salman and Katrina, the film also portrays Disha Patani as a circus performer, Sunil Grover, Tabu, Norah Fatehi, and Jackie Shroff. They all will partake in Bharat’s journey at different points in the timeline of the film.

Bharat is an official adaption of South Korean drama ‘Ode to my Father (2014)’, Bharat focuses on personal and professional choices to its righteous hero.

Here are five oh –so- convincing reasons to watch the film:

1. First and the foremost, the film has re-united B- town’s beloved couple Salman and Katrina. And when they come on the screen we can expect magic! Their chemistry is natural yet magical.

2. Taran Adarsh, the Trade Analyst gave it four stars and called it a Smash –hit. He wrote, “An emotional journey that wins you over.” You can trust his words. The trailer was gripping so we could expect a wholesome entertainment

3.Go for the movie to watch ‘Actor Katrina Kaif’. Her character as Kumud will amaze you. Katrina at her best. She has done a remarkable job. A confident and independent who is not scared of expressing her feelings

4. Twitter reactions are amazing. The first half of the film is getting applauded by all. The interesting thing about Salman Khan’s films is, – In the age of hookups, his films can bring a family together by glorifying the old school romance. And that’s a brownie point

5. Watch it for Sunil Grover. Ali ( Sunil Grover) Bharat’s close friend stands out. His humour, emotions all were at point. Grover does complete justice to his well –written part and deserves a more significant part.

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Priyanka Factor in Bharat

There was one more factor which was prominent during Bharat promotions and it was ‘Priyanka’ factor. We all know that Kumud’s part was supposed to be played by Priyanka Chopra but she walked out of the film by citing her Marriage as a reason. Since then, Salman Khan never leaves a chance on taking a jibe over her move. Now, finally, the film has hit the screens. In that case, this controversy will also get its closure.

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