5 Interesting Instagram Captions for Bhaiya Dooj Pic with your ‘Pyaare Bhaiya’

5 Interesting Instagram Captions for Bhaiya Dooj Pic, take a look

Right after the power-packed Diwali celebration, the nation gears up for Bhaiya Dooj. This year the festival will be celebrated on October 29, 2019.  The festival is celebrated to mark the significance of the brother-sister bond. On this day, the sister puts a tika on her brother’s forehead.  Sisters offer a prayer for the well –being of her brother.  In some parts of the country, Bhaiya Dhooj is also known as Bhau Beej and Bhathru Diwthiya.

The best bond in this world is of brother and sister. They fight mercilessly but they can’t live without each other.  It’s like “Unse banti bhi nhi hai aur uske bina chalti bhi nhi.”  Bhaiya Dooj is just another day to let him know that he is your main man.  Talking about social media age, festivals are incomplete without Instagram updates, right?  Here are 5 interesting Instagram Caption for Bhaiya Dooj Pic, take a look:

1. You are my ‘Tech Guru’! Thank you for rescuing me every time I had an issue with my phone- Happy Bhai Dooj!

Brothers are a boon for technologically challenged sisters! Brothers are indeed our tech guru. Anytime you have a problem with your phone or ATM, the first person who comes to mind is your brother, right?

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2. Who needs to see a clown to laugh, I have you- The complete entertainer

Oh yes! When a brother is around, we laugh hard.  All the secrets and banters no other relation can beat the beauty of this bond.

3. You gotta admit, he is your continuous support- Thank you for giving it to me whenever I needed it the most

No matter how hard you fight, he just can’t handle tears in your eyes. Thank him for his continuous support.

4. Dude, you have the coolest Sister – Happy Bhai Dooj

Tell him that you are the coolest sister. A little bit teasing is okay on social media

5. HappyBhaiya  Dooj to the most annoying person in this world! But do you know what I want you to annoy me forever!

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