Top 5 underrated Youtubers of India? Jinko nhi dekha toh kya dekha?

If you don’t know these YouTubers you should check them right now

YouTube is our go-to place whenever we want to watch awesome videos. Name the genre, and there are thousands of videos to watch in almost every genre. We all know about BB Ki Vines fame – Bhuvan Bam, Ashish Chanchalani and even Dhinchak Pooja, who are top of their game. However, there are many YouTubers are giving amazing content but you don’t know about them. Take a look at top 5 underrated YouTubers in India.

1. Only Desi

Only Desi scratches the surface of some of the most popular Bollywood films and presents us a side we never could have thought of. Though this Youtuber doesn’t come up with videos regularly, but whenever he uploads one, it is worth watching. The Only Desi makes spoof of Bollywood movies and trailers and his every dialogue are so relatable that you can’t stop laughing.

2. Satya Show

Satya show is one of the most underrated Youtube channels. It was started by Satya in 2011 who does political satire. He talks about various social issues as he describes serious situations in the country with such humour and insight that it leaves you aching in the tummy from laughter.

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3. Salil Jamdar

He started his journey from Shudh Desi Gaane but now owns his own channel. He makes some hard-hitting video songs criticizing mostly the Bollywood about their content. He makes parody of some popular songs (sings well) and puts out some never said truths.

4. Indian Booktuber

This is a popular channel amongst the bibliophiles. As the name suggests, this Youtuber reviews books of various genres and also makes Hindi videos thrice a month for people who are comfortable with Hindi. Apart from book reviews, there are many other book-related videos that are fun to watch.

5. BeYouNick

It was started by Nikunj Lotia in 2014 and uploads some hilarious videos about life. If you are having a bad day, BeYouNick will definitely cheer you up by lifting up your spirit. The channel covers it all from life to love to complicated relationships.

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