5 TV shows whose theme songs you can’t skip

Number 5 might surprise you but you will be satisfied with the selection

Every TV Show has their own theme song in which makers place the introductory credits of the show. Some of these theme songs are so good that we make them our ringtone on our phones. Don’t tell us that you haven’t! At some point, you must have the ringtone of your favourite theme TV Show theme song. These theme songs are so good that we don’t skip them despite the eagerness to watch the next episode or lack of time. We hear them time and again because they are astoundingly very good. Today we are going to talk about 5 TV shows whose theme songs are too good to not skip them.

1. Dark

The Netflix’s German show which recently released its finale season with utmost satisfaction stands on top of the list for its theme song called ‘Goodbye’. While some might say that the song got its inspiration from the Breaking Bad and it should be credited, but it was Dark who made the tune enchanting.

2. Game of thrones

The season finale of the Game of Thrones might have disappointed its fans but nothing can take away the ingenious production of this mega show. The amazing title track created by Ramin Djwadi can still provoke Game of thrones strong emotions. The theme became so popular that it has been recreated many times by music professionals. You can find them on YouTube.

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3. Money Heist

A powerful intro song, My life will go on created by Cecilia Krull was so good that it stood firm despite a more popular song Bella Ciao of the series “Money Heist.” We don’t think you will skip the theme song of this amazing heist-drama, no matter how excited you are to see the Professor in action.

4. Friends


I’ll be there for you will forever remains the best song to define friendship for many Friends TV Show fans. The lyrics of the song are so relatable even now, although it was created more than 25 years ago. Like the show, the theme song too has a special place in our heart.

5. Suits

If there is one thing that can match the charm or should we say, the swag of Harvey Specter, it is the theme song of this legal drama series. We had considered the theme song of the Peaky Blinders, Stranger Things, Breaking Bad but finally restored it to the Suits theme song.

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