Badla, Kahani, Drishyam: Best Thrillers Of Bollywood

Need an adrenaline rush?? These thrillers of bollywood will guarantee that!

Done with the TV drama? If you want to experience chills in the spine, here is a list of some mind-blowing suspense thrillers of Bollywood you can watch, ’cause we all know, there isn’t a thing called too much suspense!!

  1. Kahani

A Sujoy Ghosh movie, starring Vidya Balan (Vidya Bagchi)  and Parambrata Chattopadhyay (Inspector Satyaki Sinha)is a mysterious thriller with a plot twist. Watchers would be amazed by the chilling performance by Saswata Chatterjee (Bob) as the evil villain.

The plot revolves around Vidya Bagchi, a pregnant woman, travelling from London to Kolkata, in search of her missing husband Arnab. But everyone she questions denies having ever met him. If you like suspenseful movies, this one has an amazing plot twist at the end.

  1. Badla

Another Sujoy Ghosh directed “amazing” thriller, is a remake of Spanish movie Contratiempo (2016). The movie stars Tapsee Pannu (Naina Sethi), Amitabh Bachchan ( Badal Gupta).

Badal Gupta, defense lawyer who hasn’t lost a case in over 40 years, discusses events of the day Arjun (Naina’s lover) is found murdered in a hotel room with Naina locked in. The story works in order to solve a murder mystery with flashbacks. It’s also a revenge story as the name suggests but it will be interesting to watch who takes the revenge at the end.

  1. Special Chabbis ( Special 26)

People who enjoy movies related to con artists and robberies, this one’s for you, Based on true incidents that occurred in 1987-88. Con artists posed as CBI agents raid famous Businessman and Politicians and rob all the hoarded black money. Neeraj Pandey written and directed 2013 movie stars Akshay Kumar (Ajay), Manoj Bajpai ( Waseem), Anupam Kher (Sharma ji )and Jimmy Shergill (Ranveer Singh ).

The movie is an entertainer without any cheap humour and extravagant stunts.

  1. A Wednesday

Neeraj Pandey written and directed Anupam Kher (Prakash Rathod ) and Nasiruddin Shah ( The common man) starrer 2008 movie is a remarkable one. Two veteran actors take charge and depict events of a Wednesday. This movie is one of the best thrillers of Bollywood.

 Prakash Rathod, commissioner of the Mumbai Police, on the verge of his retirement receives a strange call from a person claiming that he has planted several bombs around the city. He demands four terrorists in exchange. But it’s more than what meets the eye. The movie is one of the best thrillers and has won several awards.

  1. Drishyam

2015 Nishikant Kamat movie is an adaptation of Malayalam movie with the same name . It stars Ajay Devgan (Vijay Salgonkar), Shriya Saran( Nandini Salgonkar) and Tabu (I.G Meera Deshmukh).

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The crime mystery revolves around Vijay and his family accused of murdering I.G Meera Deshmukh, headstrong and powerful woman’s son. Vijay who is a simple, humble man, a 4th grade drop out but a movie fanatic tries everything to save his family.

The original malayalam movie has already released it’s sequel as Drishyam 2. Go and watch it if you still haven’t.

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