Best Scooter Riding Gear {for Fall Riding}

Proper gear won’t just make you stylish but also keep you safe

 A scooter makes for a fun, sleek way of getting around town. They can go fairly fast, and they are easier to control than motorcycles. For people who may still be skeptical about riding at high speeds on a bike, a scooter can make for an excellent compromise. Instead of looking at top aftermarket mods for motorcycles, you should keep an eye out for the best scooter riding gear on the market. You will look great while staying comfortable on your vehicle.

LS2 Rebellion 1812 Helmet

You may not be on a bike, but it is still important to wear a helmet any time you take your scooter for a ride. The LS2 Rebellion 1812 Helmet is a great option that lets you feel the breezy wind of the open road, which is typical in autumn. However, it still comes with a sun visor for eye protection in case you need clear vision. It is constructed out of space-age polymer with high resistance to impacts. It gives you the protection you need in a sleek package. It comes in an array of sizes, so you will definitely find one that fits you.

Roland Sands Design Rain Cover Jacket

It is far more likely to rain in the fall than summer. You never know when a storm will come around, and you should be prepared if you plan on riding your scooter for a while outside. That is where the Roland Sands Design Rain Cover Jacket comes in handy. It will keep you dry all day long, and it even comes with logos and graphics that promote nighttime visibility. It is not bulky in the slightest, and it even comes with a high collar to offer neck coverage. Fall may bring dropping temperatures, but you should not let that drop keep you off the road.

Baffin Tundra Boots

While other vehicle enthusiasts might be looking for the best OEM parts for Yamaha R6, you should look for resilient footwear to have with your scooter. The Baffin Tundra Boots make for a fantastic addition to your wardrobe, and they even come with an aggressive sole to give you more traction. If you are expecting snow at your destination, which could be the case in the fall, then you need to be prepared. These boots will keep your feet warm in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bobster Touring II Goggles

On a scooter, you are exposed to the elements. You do not want rain or bugs getting in your eyes, so keep your vision intact with the Bobster Touring II Goggles. They come in handy when you drive down dusty roads, and they even come with anti-fogging lenses. You can also swap out the lenses with prescription ones although you will need to purchase those separately.

When fall comes, you need to be ready. The temperature will go down, and depending on where you live, you may have to contend with heavy rains and snow. Purchase the best gear from a reputable online bike shop so that you can ride on your scooter in style.

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