5 best organic face moisturizers for men in India?

5 best organic face wash which needs your attention before it gets late

While the country has always favoured beauty products for the women but with the apps like Instagram and facebook coming into existence, even male now want to look better. In a quest to look better, men tend to use products which are chemical-based which can leave bad effects in the longer run. In a series of men grooming products we are here today with the top 5 organic face moisturizers for men available in India.

Men’s skin texture is different from women’s and needs constant moisturizing to prevent it from losing the essential oils. We advise you to must moisturize your skin using a face cream, after you wash your face or whenever the skin feels dry. But men, who have oily skin, should not moisturize very frequently as this can raise the risk of pimple outbreak.

1. Mamaearth Oil-Free Moisturizer – Rs 299

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A lightweight with non-greasy formula Mamaearth Oil-Free Moisturizer is a popular choice of users across the country. This face moisturizer feels super light on the surface of the skin and is usually suitable for acne-prone skin. It is natural and toxin-free with no paraben, sulfates, SLS, petroleum, mineral oil, or any other artificial preservatives, color of fragrance.

2. Khadi Natural Sandalwood And Kesar Moisturizer – Rs 105

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Whenever it comes to organic grooming products, a list is not complete without a product from Khadi. This one is infused with the goodness of herbal ingredients like almond oil and wheat germ which yields tremendous results for oily, sensitive or acne-prone skin. The natural moisturizer has the property to unclog the pores and can be a super useful cream for men with dry skin.

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3. WOW Skin Revive Nectar No Parabens & Minerals Oil Moisturizer – Rs 444

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WOW is the latest entry in men grooming products. It replenishes lost moisturize and locks it for long-lasting smoothness. It doesn’t have paraben, and harmful minerals. It nourishes the skin to restore skin’s glow and delay signs of ageing.

4. Biotique Morning Nectar Flawless Skin Lotion for all Skin Types- Rs 280

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We think Biotique is the most underrated company. The Bio Nectar lotion is easily absorbed by the skin. It replaces the naturals oils and moisturize the skin loses every day. It doesn’t leave any greasy film and the hydrating and nourishing action provide a pleasant soothing feeling. The product can be used by women too no matter what is your skin type.

5. Oriflame North for Men Moisturizing Fairness Cream SPF 18 – Rs 419

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This is fast-absorbing face lotion that is widely popular amongst men. Enriched with the goodness of mulberry extract, this helps in imparting an even-toned and brighter complexion. It helps to prevent skin pigmentation and darkening of the skin. Also, it reinforces the skin’s natural resistance against daily aggressions.

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