5 best online meeting apps for meetings for managers to pull off Lockdown period!

Technology has got everything on our fingertips: How you can ensure smooth running of your team

The emergence of internet has completely transformed how people and companies carry out their work. Since the announcement of lockdown due to Covid – 19 outbreak, all the companies, and the startups are having their meeting online. Even school and college across the country switched to online medium of teaching.

This lockdown has not only made us productive but techsavy too. Video conferences have become the new work trend, as the corporate sector struggles to fill the proximity gap. No doubt coronavirus pandemic has made us realized the importance of such tools. Let’s take this opportunity to familiarize ourselves with them and incorporate them.

Here are the 5 best video calling apps for meeting

1. Zoom

Zoom is one of the best of it’s kind of mobile meeting apps. Some of the great features available in this app, like HD video conferencing, screen sharing with mobile, recording online meeting, stream live videos, etc. Zoom has the ability to share interactive whiteboards.

2. Google Hangout

Hangout is the most popular and vastly used mobile meeting app by goggle. This app lets you to create, manage or schedule any meeting with the group. It is very useful app if you have a small team. This app allows you to make goggle conference calls on either Android or iOs or windows platform.

3. Skype meeting

Skype is a decent solution for small teams and small businesses. It supports video calls with upto 25 participants. It is also free as long as everyone has everyone has skype. 25 participants on a solid video video connection makes it one of the better and cheaper option.

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4. Cisco Webex Meetings

Cisco webex meetings is among the bigger options for video conferencing apps. It’s quite popular with business users and the app has some decent features. That includes joining meeting with a single tap, customizable video layouts, and you can schedule meetings directly from the app.

5. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is another popular and newer option in the video conferencing space. This one supports 15 participants in the lowest subscription tier and 25-125 in the higher tiers. The app supports audio as well as video calls.

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